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The prices are somewhat volatile, though seasoned tomato farmers know the prices to expect at any point in time. This is a tomato disease caused by an oomycete, it has been wrongly said that this disease is caused by a type of fungus. Mosaic virus is transmitted by insects and beetles. The local varieties are suitable for cultivation during dry season. Tomato plants do not like water on their leaves; this may increase the chances of getting foliar infections that may ruin the plants. Plants may wilt in a sunny afternoon and within hours they may die. Tomatoes farmer must pick big, and heavy and nutrient-rich tomatoes species; the reason is that, this will help in making tomatoes strong, and will also make it more resistant to any kind of illness, together in coping with changing conditions of weather. The YieldWise program, a Rockefeller Foundation initiative, focuses on tomatoes, a ubiquitous regional crop that farmers have been cultivating for years in spite of volatile markets and unpredictable returns on investment. You can also learn some tricks about tomato farming on the internet. Prices of Agricultural Machinery in Nigeria, 10 Steps to Start Rabbit Farming in Nigeria and Tips to Succeed, 9 Steps to Start Paddy Rice Business in Nigeria, 10 Best Agricultural Machinery Dealers in Nigeria, 10 Latest Infinix Phones 2020 and their prices in Nigeria, 4 Simple Steps to Start a POS Business in Nigeria; How Lucrative? Your email address will not be published. Some beneficial microbes can attach to the roots of the plants, increase the root mass by 100 times. Constant Humidity favours tomatoes growth and development. Question: When does the price of tomatoes peak in Nigeria? Tomato Farming is a potentially a 100 billion Naira market in Nigeria. The inability to set up tomato outgrower scheme still remains the major reason why most tomato processors have not been successful. You may use Knapsack sprayer or motorised sprayer. Some emitters can emit 1-8 litres of water per hour depending on the type you buy. Manure should be used to improve your soil. This is so vital in order to help in the development of tomatoes plant! With inputs supplied to farmers on credit, farmers will be able to increase acreage of land under cultivation. ... You can grow it all year round if you have got an irrigation system or just give priority to the season of rains. In South West Nigeria, tomatoes are usually expensive during the rainy season. Here are the health benefits of tomato and more reason why you might consider tomato farming in Nigeria; If you want to sell in the organised market, you must produce all year around and harvest almost every week, in this case, you need to practise succession planting. Tomatoes are known to do well in greenhouses the world over. The system drops the fertiliser to the base of every tomato plant. Good and consistent spraying of fungicide will help in preventing and controlling this disease. Joseph Athanasius is a Content Developer at, 10 Problems of Agriculture in Nigeria with examples, Maize Production in Nigeria; Steps to Start, Tips to Succeed, 12 Best Cash Crops in Nigeria and their economic value. Undergoing internship in a good tomato farm is also not a bad idea. You harvest in batches. Using drip irrigation is very beneficial and if you cultivate your tomatoes in the right way, you can recoup the cost of your drip irrigation system within a season. You need pesticides to kill harmful pests and prevent or cure diseases. You should ensure that those who will spray the crops with pesticides must do so effectively and efficiently, the pesticides solution must tough all the parts of the tomato plants. Note that tomato season in Nigeria is usually during December/December, usually during the rainy season. Do you want to sell in the organised market like Shoprite or hotels? Due to the high demand for tomato, the tomato farming business in Nigeria is a very profitable one. Starting a Tomato farm in Nigeria. If you are using drip irrigation, the fertilisers, bio-fertilisers and humates can be passed to the crops through the drip irrigation system. Rain fed farming is outdated, you need to farm all year round, with a functional source of water, you can farm tomatoes all year round. Step 5: (Harvest Your Tomatoes) – Tomato is harvested in matches, the moment you starts harvesting, you’ll continue on weekly basis till the end of the season, usually it will keep producing till the dry season when the plant will die off due to the scorching heat. Bio-pesticides containing antagonistic microbes can be used to kill harmful insects and prevent fungal and other diseases. Let others benefit, share this article on Facebook, Twitter and other forums. The excuse that drip irrigation is expensive is unfounded; you can now get cheap drip irrigation system in Nigeria. In the organised market, the price of your produce will be pre-agreed and it will be the same price over a specified period of time say 12 months. Staking improves aeration and it prevents spoilage of tomato fruits. Farmland can be rented or leased; you may also acquire the farmland. With drip irrigation and venture injector, you can mix the urea fertiliser in water and pass it through the drip irrigation system. Do you want to do urban farming or rural farming? This will ensure that in the coming tomato season, a minimum of 400 000 metric tonnes of tomato can be produced by Dangote growers alone. Question: Are fertilisers in Nigeria sub-standard? Required fields are marked *. Cost of POS Machine, How Much Can I make Monthly, How To Prepare And Pass NECO In One Sitting Without Cheating, How to Use Online Video to Improve Your Digital Marketing Strategy, Money Transfer 101; Everything you need to know, How To Get Started On Your Writing Career With A Full-Time Job, Top 3 Trading Challenges That Traders Face. The pest makes the fruits unmarketable. Once your tomato plants get infected, the leaves may become yellow and rough or papery in texture. Dangote Tomato has not really started, ditto Tomato Jos. The price of a single tomato has gone up to $2 in some markets The disease has been called 'Tomato Ebola' by locals (CNN) Making jollof rice, a beloved traditional dish in Nigeria… Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Tomatoes are also very sensible to humidity and rain. There is still a huge opportunity for any investor who intends to produce tomato paste from fresh tomatoes in Nigeria. Yesterday, the National Horticultural Research Institute (NIHORT) announced at its 2-day workshop that Nigeria’s tomato supply gap now stands at 700,000 metric tonnes. This represents a 27.8% increase from 1.8m metric tonnes produced by the country 2 years ago. If everything goes as planned, you can expect to get 15-30 tonnes per acre of hybrid tomatoes. Youtube videos are very educative; there are also other valuable documents on tomato farming on the internet. It is advisable you undergo training in tomato farming before you start your farm. There are peak and off-peak tomato season in Nigeria, this trend has been established for over 50 years and it has not been broken. Indeterminate tomatoes grow so tall and they set fruit till they die off. These microbes take over the surfaces of leaves and stem, in this process they prevent the ability of harmful microbes to live on the plants. The planting tomato season in these areas is from August to September. The disadvantage of this option is that you will not physically see how tomato is cultivated. The content on the InfoGuide Nigeria is provided as general information only. We hope you find this informative and educating. There are several types of fertilisers. One of the toughest times for tomatoes farmers, is when tomatoes plants start to shoot out flowers and during fruit inception! Labour efficiency using drip irrigation is great. Now let us get to the real business. Your members of staff can make or mar your farm. Tomatoes are one of the sought-after crops, and can quickly be sold in the markets. Experience is key not big qualifications. What are the consequences of copyright infringement? One of the greatest mistakes of tomato farmers in Nigeria is to blindly rely on NPK and urea alone. google_ad_width = 300; Do you want to sell in the unorganised market like Mile 12 market Lagos, Aba local market or any other open roof market around you? Subsequently a good number of tomatoes farmers do not actually owned facilities such as, greenhouses and/or rain-fed varieties for tomatoes cultivation during the wet season, because, for example, local varieties do not suitable for rain-fed. Continue Reading on How To Start Tomato Farming In Nigeria How To Grow Tomatoes. Tomato Processing in Nigeria/Outgrowers’ Scheme – Opportunities for Investors. You will need to create a nursery for your tomato seedlings. Avoid employing people with big paper qualifications in Agriculture without the necessary experience. To bacterial wilt, ensure that you solarise your soil so that the organism causing the disease dies. Modernizing tomato production in Nigeria Most use traditional methods of drying the fruits. Going to farm without doing the complete analysis of the soil and water is like going to an exam hall without anything in your brain. There are a number of recruitment agencies in Nigeria who recruit workers for farms. It is also important to note that Tomato thrives in the raining season and the harvest is in batches; which means that if you plant by April, you can plan on harvesting your tomatoes June or July, especially if you have changed the oil in your equipment using a Mahindra 1526 Oil Filter, the harvest season goes until November or December when the plant can’t stand the scorching heat. Nigeria’s climate suits just perfect and favourable for tomatoes cultivation. Look around for tomato farms with a good operational set-up, approach them and ask that you want to understudy their operations. Subsequently, growing tomatoes crops during the wet season will be difficult, since heat will be trapped in the moisture and accordingly, the soil temperature will be high, therefore, making the varieties available with the farmers difficult to cultivate. Tobacco smokers can also act as an agent of transfer of this disease on your tomato farm. Before you cultivate tomatoes, there must be preparation for seeds sowing. I have seen an experienced English graduate before who was teaching Masters Degrees holder in Agronomy how tomato farming should be done. With a nursery tray and a sterile substrate like coco coir, you are sure that you are starting your nursery on a clean note. Nigeria hardly processes its fresh tomatoes to paste; however, things are gradually changing with the advent of Dangote Tomato paste plant in Kano. Challenges facing the Nigeria Army and the Way Forward; March 20, 2017 Nexus Chest Freezer Price in Nigeria [NX-265H/W, NX-390C, NX160H 160L, NX-160C and NX-150C] February 6, 2019 Steps To Produce Powder In Nigeria Some farms may ask you to pay for them to train you. Some grow it in their backyard and only a few engage in commercial tomato farming in Nigeria. Nigeria, as a country, has a favourable landmass for tomatoes cultivation. Some innoculants containing beneficial microbes are also very good to improve the soil. Nigeria Tomato Paste Directory provides list of Made in Nigeria Tomato Paste Products supplied by reliable Nigeria Tomato Paste Manufacturers, Traders and Companies. Hence, the best tomatoes planting season in Nigeria is the dry season. Steps to take to be successful in tomato farming. Nigeria is one of the leading countries that has an insatiable taste for tomatoes. It is very important to get this process right. The veins are like the roots of the plants. If a creamy or white substance oozes out of the cut stem, then you can assume that the plant is infected with bacterial wilt. This is because tomatoes are known to grow even in the dry season. Drip irrigation can save up to 80% water as compared to flood irrigation. To prevent this disease, you should control insects, also make sure that no tobacco user works in your farm. The first harvest starts within three months after planting. Nigeria is unarguably the biggest importer of tomato paste in Africa and spends a staggering 16 billion Naira annually to import tomatoes. There are very few tomato processors who use fresh tomatoes for production of their tomato paste in Nigeria. In terms of total tomato production, Nigeria is Africa’s second-greatest producer, second only to Egypt. It is a fact that over 80% of tomato farmers in Nigeria still cultivate tomatoes in the old and outdated ways. In the unorganised market, the prices of tomatoes are not stable, you cannot sell by weight. You may either use organic or inorganic fungicide. Your tomato yield depends on factors like soil fertility, agronomic practice, weather, disease infestation and irrigation etc. Tomatoes can be consumed fresh, and can be consumed boiled, and sometimes fried and it can be tinned also. The major challenge of tomato farming in Nigeria is lack of adequate storing facilities. More so, quite appreciable number of tomatoes producers are also found in places, such as, Katsina, and Kaduna, and Sokoto, and Jigawa as well as, Plateau states, including some pockets areas spread across other states. This is a disease that starts from the soil. This is to mitigate their loss. Seeds with tolerances to diseases prevalent in your location should be planted. If you have N3 million and you invest it in tomato farming this season, you will double that investment within nine months. The more Mira learned, the stranger the story got. Planting varieties of tomatoes not favoured in Nigeria may lead to rejection at the point of sales. Imagine that you have to side dress urea fertiliser to your one hectare of tomato plants; you will need several labourers to do this with the attendant cost. The medium price of 1kg of tomato in 2019 was N233.38 but … Insufficient wet soil hardly favours Tomatoes cultivation. Tomato has been in cultivation in Nigeria for a very long time. You must insist on buying good seeds from reputable sellers. Answer: Yes, you can make huge profit from tomato farming in Nigeria; there are farmers who make several millions of naira preseason. Pouring water on the leaves of the plants also encourages fungal diseases and insects infestation. Since you are done with training and employing good hands. You will rather sell in baskets. Question: When does the price of tomatoes peak in Nigeria? It's always exciting to be in Nigeria during the harvest period, which could be during the dry or wet season. It can be planted on bare soil. After harvest, you can plant new set of tomatoes or allow the old plants to continue producing until the die off usually during dry season. Your email address will not be published. As such, all year round harvesting of the crop from the greenhouse is very possible. Tuta Absoluta affects the leaves and fruits. If your soil has diseases or pest like nematode, you will need to apply the necessary solution to these problems. Tomato farming has been a money spinner for ages due to the fact that almost everybody eats the vegetable. Some types of soil infections can persist for years. Tomatoes are in everything—from stews to rices to soups. Answer: This is a tricky question. They are capable of competing and killing the bad microbes in the soil. So, the setting up such greenhouses is one really great way to profit from the tomato value chain in Nigeria. From Nigeria to Ghana, The United Kingdom to Japan, Ondo to Zaria, Aba to Lokoja and Lagos to Abuja, tomato is a produce that can turn you to a millionaire in no time if you follow all the necessary protocols while farming it. This is just plug and play. Tomato farming is very simple. You also need to plant the type of tomatoes eaten in Nigeria. Even though the company is using a variety that is called E8400, gotten from a United State company by name, BHN, which of course, is a variety that is high-yielding, is also not suitable for the wet season. Answer: The prices of tomatoes peak around April to July every year. Bacterial wilt can wreck your tomato farm within days. To know if your tomato plant has bacterial wilt, cut the stem and put the cut stem in clear water in a transparent glass cup. Answer: Yes, you can make huge profit from tomato farming in Nigeria; there are farmers who make several millions of naira preseason. Drip irrigation is the controlled passing of water to the roots of plants. Tomato farming business in Nigeria has been around for a long time in Nigeria. Tomato farming is one of the most profitable ventures anybody can do, just make sure you do it right. Large roots will extract more water and nutrients from the soil; this will lead to increase in yield. When tomato fruits touch the soil, they may get rotten. Once your soil is infected with the disease, if you plant a tomato variety without resistance to the disease, then your plants stand a chance of getting the disease. google_ad_height = 600; Here in this post, we are going to discuss best tomatoes planting season in Nigeria. Tomato stew is a staple eaten all over West Africa with some ingredient variations based on culture and individual preferences. The interest in farming in the last 5 years increased tremendously due to the lull in crude oil market and the aggressive agriculture focused campaign of the government. A medical doctor will prefer to pass water to the veins of a dehydrated person instead of pouring water on his head. This is a positive for any would be investor in the sector. And watering should be weekly, at least 5 liters of water per tomatoes plant. The business of tomato production and marketing in Nigeria is extremely dynamic. Tomato farming is also done in the southern part of Nigeria. During the bearing time, tomatoes will need more moisture, and then, it is expected of the farmer to water the plants twice a week. google_ad_height = 250; InfoGuide Nigeria is a multi-author blog in Nigeria founded by Ifiokobong Ibanga. Answer: You can get drip irrigation system us. A shade must be provided for the nursery. You may decide to attend reputable agricultural institute for training, please avoid attending institutes that will teach you only the theoretical aspect of farming. This country, Nigeria is one of the leading countries that has an insatiable taste for tomatoes. After payment, text your full name, email address and title (e.g. Click here to see the latest Study Abroad Scholarships and Guides Click here to see the latest Jobs opportunities in Nigeria . Hence, the best tomatoes planting season in Nigeria is the dry season. The timing of your harvested tomato produce is also very important especially if you are selling in the unorganised market. Most tomato processing plants in Nigeria simply package imported tomato paste. Thus, Tomatoes is used almost everywhere in Nigeria. Tomato Farming Disadvantages & Risks Involved in Nigeria Farmers had lined the roads with tomatoes in an effort to dry and preserve them, because prices were at an all-time low. Question: What is the typical yield of tomatoes? The advantage of this is that your cashflow can be predicted. google_ad_slot = "9979770738"; You should be very careful in recruiting uneducated farm hands, they have poor attitude to work and their attrition rate is quite high.

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