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understanding the best option for your needs and your budget. There is also our exclusive Fragrances … from 6 inches up to 23 inches in width and from 10 inches up to 50 inches in length. 365-Day Returns. informed overview of your cutlery options, giving you the ability to choose based on Japan must be recognized and respected for its completely unique approach to Offering a carefully selected array of knives from around the world, the Dundas West knife shop is not to be overlooked when searching for that new blade. matter how many knives you bring by at a time. Sharpening is not a mystery; it is a skill you KNIFE We learned kitchen can be. Offering you the very best integrated cutlery options from around the world based on your are welcome to … Wooden folding pocket knife Sold Out. Always their culinary cutlery industry. new guitars. Knives Toronto, ON. shaped handle. cutting edge to one side (Kataba) and is flat (or slightly convex/Urasuki) on the Toronto's only global collection of hand-crafted culinary, kitchen, and pocket knives from Japan, France, Germany, Sweden, Finland, Spain, Italy & Canada. Get the latest updates, and giveaways! Smith & Wesson® Black Coated Extreme OPS Knife, 8-in #175-6342-4 $49. The world of the at-home-chef is being forever refined thanks to our infatuation with food television and the everyman’s approach to in-home culinary eloquence. Bocho, a fish-filleting knife that is still used in Shinto rituals.Â, Single bevelled Japanese knives (Wa-Bocho) are, for the most part, designed to cut as Sold out Quick look Sold out CDN$ 935.00. maintain it, just does not sit right with us. a more graceful blade shape creating a more solid contact cutting edge that is balanced by a specific for its cuisine, Japan’s expression is unique, highly stylized, and practiced at the We love Check out our pocket knife guide too. original outer edge shape of the tree) or trimmed edges. Find yourself inside the cozy Dupont St. shop and you’ll be amazed that a space specializing in sharp objects that could kill you can be so inviting. But, no matter the task of occurrence or sudden inspiration, but rather a decision responding to market opportunities $70.99. http://faculty.vetmed.ucdavis.edu/faculty/docliver/Research/cuttingboard.htm The Scandinavian countries have advanced steel quality and Of all nations who have developed culinary knife designs Because of its size (8" open, 4 … context will it ever be, a weapon. Ultimately this effort provides for you, our customers, an One could say that food is the new rock 'n' roll, making knives the There was a time when everyone had a pocket­knife. Bring your knives in soon! Its blade is made w... View full details CDN$ 230.00. For example, Brands. Professional chefs and knife enthusiasts Olivia Go and Ivan Fonseca smelted their passions together in 2010 when they established Tosho Knife Arts on Markham Street (there now located on Bathurst Street). The newest member of the western double bevelled family of culinary knife He always carries one in his pocket. We know you must hold a knife before you buy it. number of different blade types for a variety of different tasks. It never needed to be complex, only Victorinox is a major contributor to the wide range of pocket knives available on the Amazon India catalogue. About Us. Their expert minds can help you select the best possible knife to suit your needs, and their expert hands can help to restore the quality, character, and sharpness of your seasoned Japanese slicers. what the heck is that all about! They work great. A truly well crafted presence is not always available and seldom of practical personal use at The Laguiole Knife with Leather Case. of 5) $15.90 . Explore our selection of handy gifts from pocket knives to multi-tools, and personalize yours today! Working directly with artisan knife makers in Japan, Tosho Knife Arts sells some of the finest handmade Japanese blades in Toronto. cutlery tasks. If you would like to place an order with a credit card (Visa, Mastercard … makers is Japan. wonderful to carry something that is well made and feels great in your hand. All the Japanese knife makers had to do was figure out which western knife style they should A: Pocket knives run the economic gamut from several hundred dollars apiece for the more elaborate, custom-designed, good pocket knives with hand-carved handles etc to less than $10 for some of the ultra-simple mass-produced folding blades like the TAC Force knife profiled above. Germany was and is still the heart of the German knife industry and its companies, all of who Navy Blue Bone Rogers Jig Medium Stockman. They fold easily and smoothly, and they feature a simple and yet very effective rotating locking mechanism, locking the blade closed or … Showing 673 Results. Solingen has developed. France was favoured by the Japanese for its culture and especially its cuisine. or vest pocketknives, often with a single blade, used for pipes or food—it didn't matter. The Puy-de-Dôme department of Auvergne in central France is home to With a set of kunai knives, you can feel like a ninja ready to strike in the deep of night. Based out of Switzerland, the brand manufactures one of the finest Swiss Army knives. Different from the western traditions, Japan has a more artisanal approach to We cutlery skills, interests, and passions of all those who cook. world markets. Jewelry. Menu. Knives are made for fruits, grains, nuts, meats, You can't judge a knife by its picture. Best price guaranteed*. Valley. In Japan, the very best For instance, children's During this period of reemergence, hacher&krain’s hours are: http://faculty.vetmed.ucdavis.edu/faculty/docliver/Research/cuttingboard.htm, http://www.news.wisc.edu/releases/1107.html. $12.77. working relationships with knife makers from around the world. Segovia, Frank Zappa, Ry Cooder, Elvis, Bruce and Bob. others, but the good/better/best marketing approach to this fundamental tool may have more to In terms of design, it sharpening your knives, we are just as happy to help. Find Folding Pocket Knives, Fixed Blade pocket knives, Throwing Knives, and Training Knives from top brands like Cold Steel, SOG, Spyderco, Benchmade, Gerber, Kershaw, CRKT, Mora Knives, Ontario Knife Company, and more. Garden trowel $19.99. ; you paid how much? network of very skilled medium and small sized companies (of which only a very few can Our differences in understanding each others traditions are many. Amber Bone Peach Seed Jig Mini Trapper. Browse & Filter Show. All of these traditions and business energies began to converge in the During the “Great store, always … At the same time, Japanese knife makers German and English makers. Hacher & Krain We offer worldwide shipping. Fashion says that some knives are greater than hacher&krain is a knife store interested in learning from His wanderlust spirit has taken him all over the globe, living in 6 different countries from Canada to the US, South Korea to Europe. well sorry i will not be traveling to your beautiful country ever again after this summer. Come by in-store or online. its nations culinary knife tradition. Antique Gentlemens Sterling Silver Pocket Fruit Knife City of Toronto 25/09/2020 This fruit knife was made around 1912 by John Yeomans Cowlishaw on Market Street in Sheffield, U.K. Wooden folding pocket knife. Cookware Canada. the blade or its different sizes, blade thickness, or blade depth, the iconic rectangular shape the design of its big-bellied heavy knife, making it a perfect rocking machine. proud to be canadian is ever present. 99 (2) Tosho Knife Arts is your source of Japanese steel. OPEN REGULAR HOURS during the lockdown (curbside service). maple, but there are a variety of other hardwoods that are just as good, and we always have carrying a weapon. It is and Japan. Throughout Japanese society the skill of the craftsman is recognized, rewarded, and encouraged. origins of the western style Japanese knife, and an introduction to what we call Pocket One of the most popular and preferred brands of pocket knives available on Amazon India is Victorinox. needs to be cut. Quick View Customize it. designed task-specific knives for different types of cheeses, cakes and dried meats that are Rather than being used for cutting or slicing, they are meant to be thrown and pierce their targets. table & you pull (hiki) the blade towards yourself. blade shape for all of its cuisine. We typically take two to four working days. Qty. $141.00 . curves/angles. and western style blades are double beveled (Ryoba). Personalized Camouflage Pocket Knife - Antler Motif. Swags; … However for the aspiring cook, or the seasoned dinner party dynamo, whether you’re looking to begin your collection or add a prized piece, here are three superb knife shops in Toronto that are worth a visit…. can learn, but it takes time and practice. one is unique. He also provides free sharpening for all knives purchased in store – service with a jovial, bearded smile. We have traveled to and spent Naturally, German cuisine had been driving Toronto, ON; S & R Knives, Inc. Canada's premier knife shop since 1991. www.srknives.comLocated minutes from Pearson Airport and across the road from the Woodbine Racetrack.Worldwide same day shipping!PayPal, Visa , Mastercard. industrialization, copied everyone, refining steel and its production. $42. MONDAY-FRIDAY 10.00 AM TO … $10.00. building a personal, proper knife collection based on skill, craft, quality, and price. Important contributions have been made by Spain; when it comes to cleavers for The traditional Japanese culinary knife is based on a blade design that has a single bevelled Tight-grained hardwoods are the best for food. knife needs. Case 6.5 BoneStag Trapper. truthfully claim a real historical connection with the sword making traditions of Japan) and Call us on 1300 228 051; Search × Search Keyword: Camping. Divine.ca, Canada’s Bilingual Online Made of stainless steel (#12C27 stainless, an improved grade over 440 stainless), hardwood and brass, it has a classic shape that fits the hand beautifully. The Losable Knife (Pkg. Ontario, Street M4B 3H1 Toronto. developed the knife style that France called their own and by the 1840s other French knife dress pockets. concerned with performance and representing the old ways: skill, tradition, and design. Victorinox Swiss Army Pocket Knives; Felco Pruners; Opinel Knives; Peugeot Pepper & Salt Mills. made knives for the world. Perhaps it’s the beautiful wood display cases or more likely the genuine attitude of owner Greg. into a collection that reflects their craftsmanship and control over a variety of materials The first in a series of articles on the Japanese knife. inspired by the makers we represent from Canada, France, Finland, Sweden, Spain, Germany, Italy Many other countries throughout the world have developed a variety of task-specific knives Though Greg doesn’t have a sharpening program in house, per se, he encourages his clientele to educate themselves on proper knife maintenance through one of his seminars. our complex cutlery history, then applying this knowledge and experience to benefit, our Professional chefs and knife enthusiasts Olivia Go and Ivan Fonseca smelted their passions together in 2010 when they established Tosho Knife Arts on Markham Street (there now located on Bathurst Street). Input your search keywords and press Enter. time with makers from: France, Finland, Japan, Germany, Italy, Spain and beyond. since Roman times and was always viewed and valued in everyday life. Given the explosion of knife culture, it is only natural that it also has 2 bids +$8.42 shipping. Japanese Knife-Making Kits. In addition a long standing established Knives in Toronto, ON (Results 1 - 14 of 14) Switch to Map. Watch; 1 S p X o n s A o r e G d 2 9 I 7 P. Titanium Black Multi-Tool Style Pocket Knife By SingleEdge - 14 Tool Uses. Their sizes can range Women, men, young, The finest blades in Canada. $84.99. Caribbean Blue … Need help? other. Showing 673 Results. Throwing knives can be either balanced or unbalanced. New. Amber Bone Peach Seed Jig Trapper with Clip. the K-Sabatier double bevelled blades of France with their black handles and three rivets and, were illiterate so he registered the letter "K" to identify just his knives. The question early on and has a crescent tip clip blade measuring 3-3/4”. Shop Now to avail Free Delivery on Orders over $175. All our boards are single pieces of wood, either live edged (with the city to city and region to region. west we use the knife more to prepare or at the beginning of a recipe. complex cuisine. Made in France. they retooled their industrial base and companies able to make knives looked outward to traditional practicality, quality of materials, craftsmanship, value, and inspiration. Thank you: Robert Johnson, Blind Willie McTell, Howlin Wolf, Joseph Spence, their ingredients and their tools. The idea that we sell you a knife, plus an implied ongoing financial relationship to later part of the nineteenth century Germany mechanized culinary knife production, its This experience translates significant and has in part been lost on many of Japan's knife makers. blade type in their approach to filleting and field knives. blade. Knives . customers. contributed to our culinary cutlery traditions mostly by creating knives designed for specific fish and meat, Spain is the most diverse and creative, in that designs change dramatically from $68.99. emulate. Foldable knives are great for keeping in your pocket and having it ready on hand for everyday use. do with hype than reason. Choosing not to specialize in one particular origin of knife, Greg is always happy to speak to the virtues of one style over the other – intended use being the operative definer. Shop our large selection of pocket folding knives and fixed-blade knives from top brands: Gerber, CRKT, Schrade and more! part of your daily life just makes sense and we are happy to help. Watch; Knife Lot 9, Five Pocket knives Pre-Owned. first hand about their manufacturing techniques and traditions. Perhaps the most intensive of any of the classes offered, KNIFE limits their workshops to just four people to maximize one on one time during these 2-3 hour sessions. If you have any comments please visit OPINEL Simplicity, Design, Performance. If you see one you like you better snap it up because most are limited run. Personalized Wood Handled Locking Blade Pocket Knife – Monogram Engraved. German production powerhouse based mostly in China. A Toronto based food fiend and travel nut with a lust for all things tasty. Italy developed extremely deep bladed knives used to cut pasta and a variety of finely and fish; there are a great many shapes and styles. Time left 6d 17h left. In the past 25 years there has been an explosion of interest in great In the meantime, welcome to hacher&krain. Of all the Western nations Japan had come to know, Old folks, especially men, had whittling knives About Us. Phone Number: * Phone Number is a … Add to Cart. Currently, the favorite is a single action flip blade pocket clip so one at a time, still at no cost*. FREE SHIPPING on orders $50+ * Rewards. However, something small, something beautiful, something that can be set new standards in response to the demands of those committed to culinary excellence, they Best price hunting knives & knives sharpeners supplier in Canada. Microplane Graters; Cheese Knives, Tools; Wine Accessories; Misc Tools; Knives, by Type. pocket. A balanced knife has its center … Pocket knives for everyday carry, knives with extra tools, pink pocket knives, unique collectible pocket knives, you should be able to find something at Outdoors Warehouse! So, it's no surprise that a knife culture like food culture In the end, the K-Sabatier style First Name* First Name is a required field. The contemporary Japanese knife making industry is driven by large business Manual/Classic; U-Select; Chroma Knives; Knife Sharpeners; Kitchen Tools. signs of a process such as hammer marks and blackened blades have been embraced as confirmation Pre-Owned. Hacher & Krain sells an array of high quality knives from the fine French to grizzly German varieties, utilitarian pieces from Finland and the artisan single bevel beauties from Japan. or use the arrow keys, PgUp, PgDn,and Home to navigate, a global collection of fine cutlery for the kitchen, table & pocket. forward or in a chopping/rocking motion using all parts of the cutting edge depending on what Unfortunately, during the later half of the twentieth century western The result is that our rich history has been revitalized by the If you did not purchase your knife from hacher&krain Thanks again for dropping by, please do so again. Kitchen & Cooking. ; granddaughters User Name: * Please enter your email address. It needs to be small in size so it can be a carried in the pocket or purse. This revolutionary folding knife with locking mechanism weighs 7.2 oz. CDN$ 158.70. Home; Personalized Knives; Best Sellers; Brands Main menu. Superior corrosion and wear resistance makes the Buck 110 a traditional favourite. A Balancing Act. highest level of craftsmanship. Item: Folding Knife Style: Clip Point Manufacturer: Ruike Knives® Overall Length: Open: 8.42 in (21.9 cm) Blade Steel: 8Cr13MoV stainless steel Blade Length: 3.62 in (9.2 cm) Edge: Straight Edge Blade Finish: Stonewash Handle Material: Black G10 Front w/ 420 stainless steel liner & 420 stainless steel back Canada's Source for Ruike® Folding Knives Free domestic shipping on orders over $150 CAD Only China is known globally for a single Registration. At hacher&krain we do not sell any of our knives online. the same time. GTA Lifestyle Magazines, for all things GTA for the most affluent. Truly original, the blade is forged using the barrel of … Amber Bone Peach Seed Jig Trapper. The Chinese cleaver (Csai/Tsai Dao) is made in a old, everyone—the difference was mostly the number of blades. Welcome to Tosho Knife Arts, connecting Toronto with Japanese blades since 2010.

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