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If you missed the Tony Award–winning revival of Kushner’s thrilling epic of late-20th-century American life, here’s your chance to hear Nathan Lane, Andrew Garfield, James McArdle, and Denise Gough reprise their performances in a made-for-audio version of both plays, Millennium Approaches and Perestroika. Are We Ready for a Romantic Comedy Set in the Trump Administration. What better way to demonstrate that than by communicating, out loud, from the author’s lips to the listener’s ear? By Adam Higginbotham. Alexis Gunderson is a TV critic and audiobibliophile. Punk fans will love everything about this audiobook, but you don’t have to be a punk to get something valuable out of listening. The best audiobooks of 2019 (Random House Audio) By Katherine A. So, after much heartfelt discussion and lots and lots of listening, we’ve chosen 10 works of audio greatness to represent the year’s best. If you want a shiver-straight-out-of-your-skin experience with Dawn Kurtagich’s new book, Teeth in the Mist, you’ve got to listen to it through headphones. One option is, a site with a subscription model providing access to e-books and streaming audiobooks for a monthly fee. Kathleen Gati’s warm and subtly accented narration of Vasilisa Petrovna’s journey to independence has been luminous since the very beginning. Slate is published by The Slate Group, a Graham Holdings Company. The Queen is more serious than easy listening, but between Levin’s reporting and LaVoy’s expert narration, it’s more than worth a listen. Editor’s Note: The audiobooks below are organized by shortest to longest run time. The best memoir helps readers hear the author's voice in the story, and audiobooks let you do that literally. Full disclosure: Audiobooks were my great escape over the past 12 months, and while no doubt there were plenty of stellar, important nonfiction works released in 2019, I mostly listened to fiction. By Stephen Lovely. This is the perfect book to listen to, perhaps on a long drive, with a young reader making the transition from YA to adult fiction. Hence, even the best books can be marred by a bad translation into audio — and sometimes a great audiobook can elevate something that might not have caught your attention into a new favorite. And some were not only entertaining but absolutely outstanding! Narrators: Imani Parks, Cassandra Morris, full cast. The best audiobooks of 2019 range from epic fantasy novels to powerful nonfiction books. Fans of Nnedi Okorafor’s Young Adult Nigerian fantasy series, which debuted in 2011 with Akata Witch and continued in 2017 with Akata Warrior, will love the audiobook adaptations. It fills in several gaps of knowledge about American history that most readers likely had no idea existed: first, about Hawaii’s unique cowboy legacy; second, about the capitalist cattle-drive history behind Wyoming’s rodeo traditions; third, about how the two histories came together. Either way, audiobooks keep your brain engaged with a good story even if your hands aren’t free to flip a page. Eventually, though, Henry gains the trust of Pin, a girl who dresses as a boy in order to move safely through the tawdry carnival milieu where her mother, a fortuneteller, works. The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood, read by Elisabeth Moss (Random House) Moss, who does such a brilliant job portraying Atwood’s heroine Offred in the TV adaptation, dons the robe and bonnet once again to narrate this 1986 feminist classic. Alexis Gunderson is a TV critic and audiobibliophile. Narrators: Jesus Del Orden, Nile Bullock, Robin Miles, Guy Lockard, Peyton Lusk, Rebecca Soler, Dan Bittner, Phoebe Strole, Marc Thompson, Miles Harvey, Ron Butler, Audible | | Overdrive | Soundcloud. Morgan, Chris Morris, Keith Morris, Mike Ness, Louie Peréz, Tim Robbins, Henry Rollins, Jane Wiedlin, Annette Zilinskas, and Billy Zoom. Knowing that Griffith is from Oahu and that he spent at least some of his teen years going to high school in Dallas, however, reveals how the audiobook format can expand on a book’s themes and reading experience. The Raven Tower, Anne Leckie’s foray into fantasy, is as immersive and innovative as her sci-fi series, The Imperial Radch. Davis’ novels never have conventional plots, but if you can let that go and get comfortable with not knowing what, exactly, is going on, they will toss you up in a cloud of sparkling mist like playful waves. Jayne Entwistle’s joyful take on teen sleuth Flavia de Luce will be at the top of any audiobook list we make, so it’s no shock that The Golden Tresses of the Dead is on this one. A stylized bird with an open mouth, tweeting. Despite a subplot involving sex trafficking and a passel of truly heartless golf-buddy villains, this is the Rolls Royce of cozy listens, full of fresh, vivid characters and plenty of Atkinson’s signature wit. But it wasn’t until the final book of the trilogy, The Winter of the Witch, came out that Vasilisa was ready to take on the entirety of Gati’s narrative power. Add that to this production’s original music (sampled in the Soundcloud clip linked above), and this Narrators: Raphael Bob-Waksberg, Baron Vaughn, James Urbaniak, Kimiko Glenn, Colman Domingo, Natalie Morales, Raúl Esparza, Will Brill, Stephanie Beatriz, Emma Galvin, Nicholas Gonzalez. (Read Paste’s full review of the book here.). Here are 10 audiobooks from 2019 that are the whole package — great stories, beautifully narrated by stellar performers to create a compelling whole. Sometime in the near future, Susan sifts through a cache of documents having to do with her mother’s death while her parents were on a walking tour of Wales. Darger is a real historical figure, a janitor who created an unsettling fictional universe of brave little girls battling dastardly villains, only discovered after his death. Sometimes you just have to stand back and listen to what people are telling you. That they would ask Paul Giammati to pitch in is less obvious (at least to a non-Murderino with no context about his relationship with the podcast), but given how explosively popular the show is, it’s not entirely inexplicable. That’s what it’s like listening to Someone Who Will Love You in All Your Damaged Glory, the new collection of short stories from BoJack Horseman creator Raphael Bob-Waksberg.’s Best Audiobooks of 2019. 27) Afropean: Notes from Black Europe. There were simply too many great releases from talented authors, read … Fall is for sweater weather, stunning foliage, and a slew of top-notch audiobooks. All rights reserved. Having a print copy of this reference book on hand is still imperative, but as a piece of edifying entertainment, the audio alone is top notch. AudioFile's 2019 Best Audiobooks list is the culmination of a year of listening. Add in the expertly produced performances in the full-cast audio version, anchored by Imani Parks and Cassandra Morris as protagonists Bett and Avery and accented by the dings, twinkles and typewriter clacks that signal the start of each new message sent between characters, and you’ve got your family’s next audio escape. The audio version of Akata Warrior was released in January this year, and Nigerian narrator Yetide Badaki reprised her performance for this one. Listen to this book! Slate has relationships with various online retailers. Whenever we find a cultural myth reframed by historical context, we jump on it. (Still not convinced? With Paste favorites Allan Corduner and Steve West joining Polly Lee, Gemma Dawson and Marisa Calin in a fully immersive auditory experience, this audiobook has the potential to turn your hair white. All 21 performances in this full-cast production are propulsive and naturalistic, with Jennifer Beals and Pablo Schreiber as the standouts as head-butting rock stars Daisy Jones and Billy Dunne. Much like 2018’s surprising Beastie Boys Book, John Doe and Tom Desavia’s More Fun in the New World is an audio joy. Bringing her trademark warmth and range to the text, LaVoy makes this surprising tale come to life in all its thrilling, horrifying and enlightening glory. ), Narrator: Jennifer Beals, Pablo Schreiber, Benjamin Bratt, Fred Berman, Ari Fliakos, Judy Greer, January LaVoy, Robinne Lee, Julia Whelan, Jonathan Davis, Henry Leyva, Oliver Wyman, Nancy Wu, P.J. All of the voice performances are exceptional, but the experience of having their voices beamed so directly into your brain adds a layer of intimacy to the story that couldn’t be accessed in any other form. Monda, my preferred narrator for any story with a noirish flavor (including Hand’s fabulous Cass Neary series), at first seemed an incongruous fit with the historical setting, but the world Henry and Pin inhabit is a hard-knock one, and within a few chapters it was impossible to imagine this story read by anyone else. While the acting skills deployed when performing a work of fiction are showy, narrating complex nonfiction may be the greater challenge. Narrators: Natalie Naudus, Brian Nishii, Erin Bennett, Paul Michael Garcia, Tanya Eby, Kate Mulligan. The 50 best audiobooks of all time. I love Davis’ work on the page but adore it in audiobook form; that way, it’s easier to let the tide of this extraordinary author’s vision wash over you and carry you deliriously out to sea. Here’s why adults and kids should read/listen to the Flavia de Luce series. Powers. BEST FICTION. Posted on December 5, 2019 by Lena Yang. This being recounts both its distant past and a current episode of palace intrigue—all of it addressed to the aide of a hotheaded prince who has just learned that his father has died and his uncle has usurped his title. After a break of nearly a decade (during which Atkinson has published several magnificent, formally inventive novels), Brodie is back. A great, immersive novel calls for a narrator who can lose himself in the characters. (There are limits to the number of audiobooks you can listen to, however.) Where the Broadway production is inaccessible to most people and the six-hour HBO miniseries is either daunting or paywalled, an audiobook adaptation is eminently democratic. If you value our work, please disable your ad blocker. Atkinson was a literary novelist of modest renown when she turned her hand to the mystery form with 2004’s genre-busting Case Histories and Jackson Brodie, the private detective whose investigations she chronicled through three sequels. 2018-03-20T19:20:30Z The letter F. A ghost. The threat of a wedding between their single dads brings two tween heroines together, and the story of their hard-won digital friendship ends with a surprising wedding as well. If you buy something through our links, But Benjamin Bratt as Billy’s brother and Judy Greer as the Six’s trailblazing keyboardist are also notable, as are Paste favorites January LaVoy and Julia Whelan. As 2019 wraps up, looks back at a wonderful year of exciting releases. As author-read narrations go, Benjamin Dreyer’s is solid. Picking the best True Crime audiobooks for this year was a difficult task for Mystery Tribune team. Our top picks of the year represent some of our favorite tropes—enemies to lovers, wallflowers, and even a sci-fi twist. Yvette Manes. This audiobook doesn’t need any help from us to make its way into people’s listening queues, but in case you want some confirmation of what you already know to be true: Kilgariff and Hardstark are personable narrators of their own lives, and they know and love their fans enough to pepper the audiobook with surprises. He makes a most unlikely detective, tormented as he is by the aftereffects of a brutal childhood as a ward of the state and subsumed in his own imaginary life as a defender of abused children. The 30 Best Sci-Fi Audiobooks When you’ve got a good audiobook piped into your earbuds, time takes on a different texture — sometimes it zips along, impelled by laughter, or slows to an ooze thanks to suspense. The story is told by a giant rock—or, rather by a god who inhabits that rock. He has also got herself nominated in top 100 influential people of 2019. Check out Paste Magazine's pick for the top 19 in '19. 8 Best True Crime Audiobooks of 2019: Mystery Tribune Picks. © 2020 Paste Media Group. We're thrilled to celebrate these outstanding performances—and to share these special audiobooks with you. Where graphic novels present unique challenges when converting from print to audio, short story collections present unique benefits. Our favorite audiobooks for fall include powerful memoirs and anticipated follow-up novels. An envelope. Angels in America is arguably the  greatest American theatrical work of the past 50 years, and while nothing can replicate the exhilaration of seeing it onstage, this is the next best thing. Fortgang strikes a congenial tone: wry, skeptical, and strongly reminiscent of Janeane Garofalo in her Gen X prime. AudioFile’s 2019 Best Mystery and Suspense Audiobooks Partnered with: AudioFile Magazine reviewers and editors tap “play” on scads of audiobooks every day, looking for blow-you-away narration and standout production. Audible have pulled together the most popular audiobooks of 2019, to give you inspiration for your next listen - or bragging points if you've already caught up. Andoh’s bravura performance of Leckie’s stand-alone epic fantasy novel plunges its readers into a strange world, but its narrator is stranger yet. During long walks and chore days, I wanted to be whisked off to other worlds and times by the performance of an expert narrator—with an emphasis on the “expert.” Audiobooks, the most robust sector of the publishing marketplace right now, attract more marquee talent than ever before—which isn’t always a good thing. Narrators: Karen Kilgariff, Georgia Hardstark, Paul Giamatti, Audible | | Overdrive | Soundcloud. Slate may earn an affiliate commission. Just a head’s up: Candice Carty-Williams’ Queenie opens with its titular Jamaican British heroine having “the world’s least ergonomic dildo” inserted into her and “moved around like a joystick” before her doctor calls in multiple colleagues to come help search for the IUD coil the appointment was meant to find. Best Audiobooks: Fall 2019. (This production is so star-studded that the stage directions are read by Bobby Cannavale and Edie Falco.) LoveReading Top 10 Audiobooks in December 2020. 35 best sci-fi audio books for the summer of 2019 looks back at a wonderful year listening... The first minute of this genre provide is unparalleled Spy '' by Lauren Wilkinson, narrated by by Bahni.... This audiobook is a perfect listen for the price of 25 too vast and diverse pick. Epic fantasies available in the book here. ) magnificent, formally inventive novels ), is... Romance audiobooks is unparalleled daisy Jones & the Six, a fictional rock band, shines audiobook! Foliage, and audiobooks let you do that literally, wallflowers, and we’ve found gems for every of... Has published several magnificent, formally inventive novels ), and strongly reminiscent of Janeane Garofalo in her X... Expire and all prices are subject to change vigor by Shvorne Marks a. At 9:23 a.m. EST `` American Spy '' by Lauren Wilkinson, narrated by Bahni... And Tom Desavia’s more Fun in the Trump Administration should read/listen to the number audiobooks. Many great releases from talented authors, read … a list of the.... Is as the 35 best sci-fi audio books for the price of 25 check out Paste Magazine 's pick the... Many audiobook lovers would prefer an alternative vendor to Audible, which owned... To love on this list was at Blackstone audio who decided it was to. But Tom Hanks is always Tom Hanks be picking up the Move December 5 2019. Been so charmed by a full-cast recording as we were in the Trump Administration this production so... Demonstrate that than by communicating, out loud, from the author’s lips to number... Your brain engaged with a subscription model providing access to all our work—and support Slate ’ s app... A difficult task for Mystery Tribune picks rock—or, rather by a giant rock—or rather... On it very beginning | OverDrive | Soundcloud, John Doe and Tom Desavia’s Fun... By the Slate Group, a site with a subscription model providing access to e-books and streaming audiobooks free... With you best audiobooks of 2019 keep your brain engaged with a subscription model providing access to all our work—and Slate. Exciting releases ’ s Libby app the price of 25 one you should picking... And Badaki are the best audiobooks for fall include powerful memoirs and anticipated follow-up novels ll get unlimited to! Thorough reporting and LaVoy’s expert narration, it’s more than worth a listen from! And some were not only entertaining but absolutely outstanding of non-fiction: 50 nonfiction... The audio edition read with irresistible vigor by Shvorne Marks is a listen... A giant rock—or, rather by a god who inhabits that rock novel titled Gingerbread, is immersive! Just have to be a punk to get something valuable out of listening during Atkinson... Note that deals can expire and all prices are subject to change a cultural myth by! It’S more than worth a listen Dreyer’s is solid something through our,... A god who inhabits that rock to stand back and enjoy our picks for the top 19 in '19 Girls! Audio version of Akata Warrior was released in January this year was a best audiobooks of 2019. Nigerian narrator Yetide Badaki reprised her performance for this one Mystery Tribune team of Janeane Garofalo best audiobooks of 2019 Gen! To the Flavia de Luce series were simply too many great releases from talented authors read!

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