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Yellow Magic Orchestra (YMO) is a Japanese electropop band formed in 1978, known for pioneering the electropop musicgenre.The principal members are Haruomi Hosono (bass), Yukihiro Takahashi (drums and vocals) and Ryuichi Sakamoto(keyboards). Ended 2007-06-29): TOCT-24238: BGM: CD: 10 BGM features several great tracks; the opener “Ballet” is a lovely ballad, “Cue” is a decent pop track, and “1,000 Knives” is a great re-working of a solo Sakamoto tune. Genres: Synthpop. Seminal 1981 release from YMO, perhaps their finest album. ‘92 Alfa of the debut, ‘92 Restless of Solid State Survivor, BGM, Technodelic, Naughty Boys and Service, a Japanese second pressing of Technodon (original mastering, but without the adjustable artwork) and UC YMO. Technodelic, an Album by YMO. Kraftwerk built a legacy of bland, yet mindnumbingly catchy similitude, every song essentially a variation, both stylistically and musically, of 'Autobahn' and 'Trans-Europe Express'. SP-4853; Vinyl LP). The group is considered influential and innovative in the field of popular electronic music. The title of YMO’s third full length long player ‘BGM’ stood for “Background Music” although only ‘Happy End’ and ‘Loom’ fitted into this category; it was an odd mix and ‘BGM’ effectively became a Hosono / Takahashi effort as Sakamoto was largely absent from the sessions.. music by Yukihiro Takahashi"Yellow Magic Orchestra World Tour '80 From Tokio To Tokyo"Live at Budokan (Dec.27,1980) ×∞Multiplies (増殖, Zōshoku, lit. YMO was always more diverse and much more imaginative than their German inspiration, and BGM is a case in point. Not sure I can be bothered with Naughty Boys Instrumental. Alfa Records, YMO's record company, had installed a 3M 32-track digital recorder in its studio shortly before YMO started recording BGM.Since Hosono was not fond of its overly sharp sound quality, he recorded all the rhythm sections for BGM on a TASCAM 80-8 analog recorder first and copied them with the 3M machine, resulting in the fuller, much compressed rhythm tracks. このアルバム "bgm" は、私個人が、ymoのアルバムの中で、最も一番 リピート再生して聴いているアルバムです。 ソリッド・ステイト・サヴァイヴァーの様な、派手さは有りませんが、個人的に何時間聴いていても飽きが来なく It contains a mixture of songs and instrumentals by YMO (including a humorous reworking of Archie Bell & the Drells' "Tighten Up"), interspersed with comedy sketches. This album, originally released in 1981, is full of spacious, brisk, clipped analogue synth beats with plenty of minor chords to add a sense of loss and melancholia to the atmosphere of this LP. However, it also features “Rap Phenomenon,” YMO’s take on hip-hop, and their first god awful track. ymo were on top of their game at this point -- everything released by ymo and their immediate family between 1981 - 1983 is pure gold. Songs like "Cue" and "Chaos Panic" feel like direct influences on the country-road-travellin' new wave of mid-'80s Talking Heads. BGM and Technodelic are both mixed bags. BGM, an Album by YMO. Background Music…but don’t think that you are about to play easy going library music here. 東芝EMI 株式会社 (record company, do not use as release label - check obi, back or disc for imprint! They successfully merged lyrics sound bites and their signature electrically programmed music on BGM. YMO continues where they left of the 'Multiplies', venturing further into the synthesizers, drum computers and experimenting with rhythm, sequences and speeds. Released 21 November 1981 on Alfa (catalog no. This page includes Technodelic's : cover picture, songs / tracks list, members/musicians and line-up, different releases details, free MP3 download (stream), buy online links: amazon, ratings and detailled reviews by our … Yellow Magic Orchestra 「BGM」 ここでお歌のお時間です。 今回かな子がお父さんの CD 棚から持ち出してきたのは、イエロー・マジック・オーケストラの「BGM」です! ジャケットは、これはよろしくな … Released in 1981 on A&M (catalog no. produced by Haruomi Hosono and heavily featuring the 808. Technodelic is the fifth studio album by Yellow Magic Orchestra, released in 1981.The album is notable for its experimental approach and heavy use of digital samplers which were not commonly used until the mid-to-late 1980s, resulting in a more minimalist and avant-garde sound compared to their previous work.. Albums include Solid State Survivor, Yellow Magic Orchestra, and 環境音楽 Kankyō Ongaku: Japanese Ambient, Environmental & New Age Music 1980–1990. Yellow Magic Orchestra (YMO) is a Japanese electronic music band formed in Tokyo in 1978 by Haruomi Hosono (bass, keyboards, vocals), Yukihiro Takahashi (drums, lead vocals) and Ryuichi Sakamoto (keyboards, vocals). BGM is quite unlike anything else Yellow Magic Orchestra recorded and it is very unlike anything else anyone else recorded before or since. Most of the setlist is taken from the band’s 1981 album BGM, many of which were not performed on later YMO live releases. Yellow Magic Orchestra discography and songs: Music profile for Yellow Magic Orchestra, formed 1978. "multiplication") was a mini-album and the third studio album by Yellow Magic Orchestra released in 1980. Genres: Synthpop, Electropop. On the plus side, they explore new (for YMO) stylistic areas — “Strawberry Fields” gone synth, Germanic bleep strutting, bleak Anglo synth-rap — but little on either is as distinctive or just plain entertaining as Takahashi’s or Sakamoto’s solo work. About the Artist 'Background Music' was released in March of 1981, YMO's fourth album wasn't exactly BGM. Genres: Synthpop, Electropop, City Pop. Studio Mule’s rotating assembly, helmed by Kuniyuki, cover a clutch of their favourite ‘80s Japanese music from the likes of Yasuaki Shimizu, Dip In The Pool, and Yellow Magic Orchestra. That being said, if you can find it I highly suggest snagging it, as it is an entirely unique recording. Boomkat Product Review: The fifth YMO album, this one's from 1981 and is heavily loop/sample based - largely made on the LMD-649 - a hand-made alternative to the Fairlight. This is Yellow Magic Orchestra's 2nd and probably most famous album. Overview. The other titles I could recommend if you are new to this groups efforts are "Tecnodelic" - with its landscapes of East meets West, "Technodon" - with it's Cyberpunk realness, brought together by the lyrics of William Gibson, and "BGM" - The Techno Opera with it's fluid orchestrated machinery, all which have been re-mastered. Title: BGM Label: Music on Vinyl BGM? btw, you could've googled "YMO BGM" and found the album immediately. Solid State Survivor is a music studio album recording by YELLOW MAGIC ORCHESTRA (Progressive Electronic/Progressive Rock) released in 1979 on cd, lp / vinyl and/or cassette. Technodelic is a music studio album recording by YELLOW MAGIC ORCHESTRA (Progressive Electronic/Progressive Rock) released in 1981 on cd, lp / vinyl and/or cassette. 'BGM' is literally the title of their march 1981 album ('BGM' standing for "background music" but listed on the release as 'BGM' - the band is also listed on the release as YMO). Track 2 on 'Yellow Magic Orchestra' (1978)Written by Martin DennyLYRICS:Instrumental-uploaded in HD at http://www.TunesToTube.com This album is more focused on atmosphere and mood some even say this album is a turning point for YMO and the international pop music scene. ALR-28030; Vinyl LP). The title BGM stands for "Background Music" and stands as one of YMO most astute, perfect synthpop albums. On 1981's BGM, an update of an older Sakamoto cut ("1000 Knives") added drums from a brand-new machine called the Roland TR-808—the first record in history to do so. BGM is such a strange album, so getting to hear some of the songs from it performed live is really a treat. The title BGM stands for "Background Music" and stands as one of YMO most astute, perfect synthpop albums. Just about finished my core YMO studio collection. The first vinyl version came out in 1979, and YMO was awarded the annual grand prize for the best album of the year in Japan (1979) when the rest of the world didn't know much about computer electric pop music, something YMO called 'Techno Pop'. YMO’s Technodelic (1981) forms part of a classic electro-pop couplet along with its predecessor, BGM, also originally released the same year.

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