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Convincing evidence is offered by the qualities of the Spanish race in Cuba that white men of temperate lands can be perfectly acclimatized in this tropical island. Eden* Lv 7. Tropical Asia is richest in species; in Africa there are very few. Abandoned since 495 - for Kasyapa was eventually slain during a battle fought in the plain beneath - it has, on the whole, well withstood the fury of tropical storms, and is now used again to gain access to the top. Most tropical marine fish could survive in a tank filled with human blood. Log in. Examples of how to use “tropical storm” in a sentence from the Cambridge Dictionary Labs While six factors appear to be generally necessary, The RSMCs and TCWCs are not the only organizations that provide information about, This fact leads to the existence of a theoretical upper bound on the strongest wind speed that a, The eyewall may vary over time in the form of eyewall replacement cycles, particularly in intense, On Earth, the pressures recorded at the centers of. Of these vines the most important are the species of Landolphia which occur throughout tropical Africa, including the Sudan, Congo, Mozambique and Madagascar, the principal of which are Landolphia owariensis and L. Africa and in the Congo, also in the tropical portions of Australia. In general the plankton - and especially the phyto-plankton of the polar and temperate seas - is much more abundant than is that of the sub-tropical and tropical zones. The recent discovery of a bloodsucking maggot, which is found in native huts throughout the greater part of tropical and subtropical Africa, and attacks the inmates when asleep, is of great interest. 0. The saurians or lizards are numerous, chiefly on dry sandy or rocky ground in the tropical region. In tropical waters a sea snake is found, which, though very poisonous, rarely bites. Speaking broadly, the general type of the flora of the lower, hotter and wetter regions, which extend along the great plain at the foot of the Himalaya, and include the valleys of the larger rivers which penetrate far into the mountains, does not differ from that of the contiguous peninsula and islands, though the tropical and insular character gradually becomes less marked going from east to west, where, with a greater elevation and distance from the sea and higher latitude, the rainfall and humidity diminish and the winter cold increases. - Seedling… 3), the Leaf Cactus family, consists of about a dozen species, found in Central and tropical South America. In a narrow strip along the Gulf there are some Mexican or tropical birds, notably the caracara and two varieties of grackle (Megaquiscalus). The third division of Peru is the region of the tropical forests, at the base of the Andes, and within the basin of the Amazon. - French Guinea possesses a fertile soil, and is rich in tropical produce. Examples of how to use “tropical storm” in a sentence from the Cambridge Dictionary Labs What may be called typical, that is to say arboreal, squirrels are found throughout the greater part of the tropical and temperate regions of both hemispheres, although they are absent both from Madagascar and Australasia. tropical rainforest in a sentence - Use "tropical rainforest" in a sentence 1. The home of the vast majority of parrot-forms is unquestionably within the tropics, but the popular belief that parrots are tropical birds only is a great mistake. This description refers to a fertile sub-tropical oasis on the partially barren plateau; below in the forested lowlands, where tropical conditions prevail, the numbers and varieties are many times greater. CALABAR BEAN, the seed of a leguminous plant, Physostigma venenosum, a native of tropical Africa. The surroundings are highly picturesque and tropical in character, but the town itself is poorly built and unattractive. In 1913 he became physician for tropical diseases to King's College, London. 1, Or consider new evidence that the tropical zone already is expanding faster than computer-based climate simulations have forecast. 2- The sanctuary has a tropical climate where summer is very hot. Only along the south-eastern coast and in some of the river valleys is the climate of a markedly tropical character; here the rainfall rises to 50 in. If Transylvania be excepted, three separate zones are roughly 'distinguishable: the " highland," comprising the counties in the vicinity of the Northern and Eastern Carpathians, where the winters are very severe and continue for half the year; the " intermediate " zone, embracing the country stretching northwards from the Drave and Mur, with the Little Hungarian Plain, and the region of the Upper Alfold, extending from Budapest to Nyiregyhaza and Sarospatak; and the " great lowland " zone, including the main portion of the Great Hungarian Plain, and the region of the lower Danube, where the heat during the summer months is almost tropical. Most of the sentences presented include audio of the sentence in Spanish, which allows you … The smallest lizards of this family belong to the genus Anolis, extremely numerous as regards species (more than ioo) and individuals on bushes and trees of tropical America, and especially of the West Indies. The western dry areas have the old-world leguminous Astragalus and Prosopis (Mesquit), but are especially characterized by the northward extension of the new-world tropical Cactaceae, Mgmmillaria, Cereus and Opuntia, by succulent Amar llideae such as A gave (of which the so-called American aloe is a type), and by arborescent Liliaceae (Yucca). Another disadvantage of uncovered soil in a plantation of young rubber trees is that the ground under the heat of a tropical sun rapidly loses its moisture. About Tropical A 3 syllables article and 8 letters with the letters a, c, i, l, o, p, r, and t , 5 consonants , 3 … More important than the cereal crops are the tropical and sub-tropical products of the coast zone. The ornithology of India, though it is not considered so rich in specimens of gorgeous and variegated plumage as that of other tropical regions, contains many splendid and Birds. Unlike the dead cities of the Yucatan plains, Palenque is surrounded by wooded hills and overgrown by tropical vegetation. … (carefully, gently) " I usually tend to stay quiet at big gatherings. ; When the biologist thinks of the evolution of animals and plants, a different picture presents itself. Other species of wandering habits carry the cocoon about with them, sometimes attached to the spinnerets, as in the Lycosidae, sometimes tucked under the thorax, as in the large tropical house-spider, Heteropoda regia, one of the Clubionidae. In the Cape, Natal and the Transvaal coal mining is largely developed; in the Transvaal and the Cape tobacco is grown extensively; sugar, tea and other tropical and sub-tropical produce are largely cultivated in Natal and the Portuguese territory, and, since 1905, mealies have become an important article of export. In 1899 he retired from the Indian medical service, and devoted himself to research and teaching, joining the Liverpool school of tropical medicine as lecturer, and subsequently becoming professor of tropical medicine at Liverpool University. The connexion that seemed to be first established was between variations in the quantity of water transported from the tropical to the sub-polar Atlantic and variations in the intensit y of solar radiation. The more tropical forms of the east, such as the tree-ferns, do not reach west of Nepal. In the tropical yungas the ground is covered with decaying vegetation, and malaria and fevers are common. The genus Widdringtonia of tropical and South Africa is also known locally as cedar. The tropical zone comprises the coast and the foothills, and ranges, in its mean annual temperature, from 72° F. Rheumatism on the Atlantic seaboard, and malaria on both coasts, are the commonest forms of disease; but, as a whole, Costa Rica is one of the healthiest of tropical lands. It thrives on the seaward slopes of the western range in the zone of the tropical rains, at Coffee. In the valleys of some of these denuded slopes oak and pine are succeeding the tropical species where fires have given them a chance to get a good foothold. The sperm-whale is one of the most widely distributed of animals, being met with, usually in herds or "schools," in almost all tropical and subtropical seas, and occasionally visiting the northern seas, a number having been killed around the Shetlands a few years ago. The inhabitants of tropical America sometimes keep fireflies in small cages for purposes of illumination, or make use of the insects for personal adornment. The parrot tribe form one of the most pre-eminently tropical groups of birds, only a few species extending into the warmer temperate regions; yet even the most exclusively tropical genera are by no means delicate birds as regards climate. (normally, typically) Used with prepositions: " The husband tends to his wife's needs. Start with a tropical drink from the extensive menu, and maybe an appetizer or two, then choose the vegetables you want included with your choice of seafood, chicken or beef. The southern territory held by this fauna is invaded by genera and species distinctly tropical. One of the most interesting was carried out in 1900 for the London School of Tropical Medicine by Dr Sambon and Dr Low, who went to reside in one of the most malarious districts in the Roman Campagna during the most dangerous season. Most damselflies in this family live in tropical rainforests and cloud forests. Honolulu is a wonderful vacation spot rich in history and tropical landscape. It is by no means certain that even the higher rate is greater than that exhibited by a tropical bamboo which will grow over a foot a day, or even common grasses, or asparagus, during the active period of cell-division, though the phenomenon is here complicated by the phase of extension due to intercalation of water. Examples of Tropical in a sentence. In this showy container (it’s more than 6 feet tall! At home many industries were suffering from the lack of tropical and colonial produce: cane sugar sold at five, and coffee at seven, shillings the pound. In tropical countries drought is the commonest cause of a failure in the harvest, and where great droughts are not uncommon - as in parts of India and Australia - the hydraulic engineer comes to the rescue by devising systems of water-storage and irrigation. All are inhaoitants of the tropical Indo-Pacific ocean, and most numerous in and about the Persian Gulf, in the East Indian Archipelago, and in the seas between S. The vegetation is also rich, and Amboyna produces most of the common tropical fruits and vegetables, including the sago-palm, bread-fruit, cocoa-nut, sugar-cane, maize, coffee, pepper and cotton. Oh, and the tropical storm will become a hurricane late Saturday night. Several firms have acquired plantations in which coffee, cocoa, cotton, kola and other tropical products are cultivated. The retention of the tropical pattern by the Highlanders is due directly to environment, since the kilt is better suited than trousers for walking over wet heather. 373. All the islands possess a very fertile soil; there are forests of coco-nut palms, and among the products are rice, maize, sweetpotatoes, yams, coffee, cotton, vanilla and various tropical fruits, the papaw tree being abundant. Observations with the xanthometer have not hitherto been numerous, but it appears that the purest blue (o--I on Forel's scale) is found in the Sargasso Sea, in the North Atlantic and in similarly situated tropical or subtropical regions in the Indian and Pacific Oceans. Tropical sentence examples. Guests can order tropical cocktails or wine, as well as soda and juice. Synonym: tropic . There are many ways to make online and writing articles, or blog post is one of the best freelance business in the online field. The climate is tropical and generally unfavourable to white settlement, the exceptions being the elevated localities on the Amazon exposed to the strong winds blowing up that river. Similar words: typical , typically , topic , metropolitan , electroplating , musical , medical , logical . lemures, " ghosts"), the name applied by Linnaeus to certain peculiar Malagasy representatives of the order PRIMATES which do not come under the designation of either monkeys or apes, and, with allied animals from the same island and tropical Asia and Africa, constitute the sub-order Prosimiae, or Lemuroidea, the characteristics of which are given in the article just mentioned. Korea produces all cereals and root crops except the tropical, along with cotton, tobacco, a species of the Rhea plant used for making grass-cloth, and the Brousonettia papyrifera. Melastomaceae, copiously represented in tropical America, are more feebly so in Peru and wholly wanting in Chile. It is generally distributed in temperate and tropical regions, but especially developed in warm countries. These patterns help with how you can organize your outline. The avifauna of Mexico includes most of the species of the tropical and temperate regions of America - such as parrots (chiefly the yellow-headed Chrysotis), parakeets (Conurus canicula), macaws (Ara macao and A. The railway had created a record in being the most expensive built in tropical Africa-8942 per mile. 0. (usually, often) " She normally tends to be optimistic during difficult times. Some require the hot, moist temperature of a stove; such are C. amabile, a native of Sumatra, C. amoenum (India), C. Balfourii (Socotra), C. giganteum (West tropical Africa), C. Kirkii (Zanzibar), C. latifolium (India), C. zeylanicum (tropical Asia and Africa), and others. Oh, and the tropical storm will become a hurricane late Saturday night. All the Malagasy lemurs, which agree in the structure of the internal ear, are now included in the family Lemuridae, confined to Madagascar and the Comoro Islands, which comprises the great majority of the group. Alligators and crocodiles are numerous in the lagoons and rivers of the coast and the iguana is to be found everywhere throughout the tropical lowlands, the large black Ctenosura acanthinurus being partly arboreal in habit when full grown. regions, and sugar-cane, tobacco, coffee and tropical fruits in the lower. Juglandaceae), natives of the temperate regions of the northern hemisphere, extending into Mexico, the West Indies and tropical South America. All Rights Reserved. thard-scrub, (b) thorn-bushland and thorn-forest; (ii.) The analogy possibly may be extended to such cases as the occurrence of flora or fauna with alpine characters on the summits of mountains separated by broad zones of tropical climate. The island is subject to strong winds, which are especially felt at Cagliari owing to its position at the south-east end of the Campidano, and the autumn rains are sometimes of almost tropical violence. Use ‘ tropical climate’ in a sentence | ‘ tropical climate’ example sentences. Log in. There is some resemblance to the Tropical life-zone at the south-eastern extremity of Texas, but this zone in the United States is properly restricted to southern Florida and the lower valley of the Colorado along the border of California and Arizona, and the knowledge of the latter is very imperfect. Considering, however, the numbers of venomous and innocuous snakes that occur in most tropical countries, it might be supposed that mimicry in this order of reptiles would be of commoner occurrence than appears to be the case. GLORIOSA, in botany, a small genus of plants belonging to the natural order Liliaceae, native of tropical Asia and Africa. Stratz divides clothing climatically into two classes: tropical, which is based on the girdle (or, when the attachment is fastened round the neck, the cloak), and the arctic, based on the trouser. Although the species are fewer in number than in most other families of fishes, they are widely spread and extremely abundant, peopling by countless schools the oceans of the tropical and temperate zones, and approaching the coasts only accidentally, occasionally, or periodically. The distribution of many groups of beetles is restricted in correspondence with their habits; the Cerambycidae (longhorns), whose larvae are wood-borers, are absent from timberless regions, and most abundant in the great tropical forests. Tropic definition at, a free online dictionary with pronunciation, synonyms and translation. In general terms, it is a tropical country, with sub-tropical and temperate areas covering its three southern states and a great part of the elevated central plateau. Relevance. Others thrive in a greenhouse; such are C. asiaticum, a widely distributed plant on the sea-coast of tropical Asia, C. capense and C. longiflorum, from the Cape, and C. Macowani and C. Moorei from Natal. With this exception these regions are the most arid on the face of the globe, highly heated by a tropical sun during the day and chilled at night by the proximity of snow-covered heights and a cold ocean current. Examples of subtropical in a Sentence Recent Examples on the Web The National Hurricane Center is keeping track of two systems in the Atlantic Ocean with the potential to form into a tropical or subtropical depression or storm as the end of hurricane season officially comes after Monday. The tree will fruit only in a subtropical or tropicalclimate where there is a distinct dry season. Use of the tropical Zodiac Within the Context of Arguments About Precession. The climate is remarkably healthy, the heat due to its tropical situation being moderated by land and sea breezes. Some allowance should be made for the elevation of the sun at the time of observation. The arboreous forms which least require the humid and equable heat of the more truly tropical and equatorial climates, and are best able to resist the high temperatures and excessive drought of the northern Indian hot months from April to June, are certain Leguminosae, Bauhinia, Acacia, Butea and Dalbergia, Bombax, Shorea, Nauclea, Lagerstroemia, and Bignonia, a few bamboos and palms, with others which extend far beyond the tropic, and give a tropical aspect to the forest to the extreme northern border of the Indian plain. 1 people chose this as the best definition of tropical: The definition of tropica... See the dictionary meaning, pronunciation, and sentence examples. In tropical climates with a well-marked dry season mosquitoes pass into a semi-dormant condition during the period when there is little water in which to deposit their eggs. There are many other palms whose fruit, fibre and wood enter largely into the domestic economy of the natives, but the list given shows how important a service these trees rendered to the aboriginal inhabitants of tropical America, and likewise how useful they still are to the people of tropical Brazil. Amongst the most northerly races the latter garb is worn by both sexes alike; farther south by the men, the women retaining the tropical form; farther south still the latter reigns supreme. Pleurothallidinae, characterized by a thin stem bearing one leaf which separates at a distinct joint; the sepals are usually much larger than the petals and lip. A topic outline can be written in different patterns, each pattern serves a different purpose. In England Robert Hooke (1635-1703) held to the theory of extinction of fossil forms, and advanced the two most fertile ideas of deriving from fossils a chronology, or series of time intervals in the earth's history, and of primary changes of climate, to account for the former existence of tropical species in England. ; (37) idem, " Note on the nature of the parasitic bodies found in tropical splenomegaly," op. But elsewhere it is distinctly tropical, with two seasons - wet from May to November on the Pacific slope, and from June to December on the Caribbean, and dry throughout the winter months. The genus contains about two hundred species in tropical and temperate regions. Hawaiian forests are distinctly tropical, and are composed for the most part of trees below the medium height. They do not represent the opinions of Since then it has been discovered in other botanic gardens in various parts of Europe, its two most recent appearances being at Lyons (1901) and Munich (1905), occurring always in tanks in which the Victoria regia is cultivated, a fact which indicates that tropical South America is its original habitat. Of birds the number of species greatly exceeds that of the mammals, including the rhea of the pampas and condor of the Andes, and the tiny, brilliant-hued humming-birds of the tropical North. Species occur in all seas of the temperate, tropical and subtropical zones. See more. in tropical or subtropical countries for their grain or as fodder grasses, or both, each variety of soil, from swamp to desert, having its characteristic forms. In the region of tropical hurricanes the navies, while in the Mediterranean and in the Indian Ocean converging wind system of a circular storm causes a heaping many soundings were made in connexion with submarine up of water capable of devastating the low coral islands of the cables to the East. Beyond the tropical high-pressure belt, the winds of the North Pacific are under the control of an area of low pressure, which, however, attains neither the size nor the intensity of the " Iceland " depression in the north Atlantic. How to use tropics in a sentence. There are nearly 1000 known species, most of which live in tropical countries. This is well exemplified by the leaf-insects (Phyllium) and stickinsects (Bactra), where the likeness to the models after which they are named is procryptic; and also by various species of tropical Mantidae which resemble flowers for the purpose of alluring insects within striking distance and perhaps also for concealing their identity from enemies. Among these are the precise extent of demand, the limit of the inevitable fall in price with largely increased production, the cost of labour as increasing amounts are required, and the effect of changed conditions on the output of " wild " rubber and the competition of the new plantations which are being established in tropical America. The climate indeed which favours tropical profusion of jungle growth - still steaming heat - is that most favourable for the cultivation of tea, and such climate, unfortunately, is often trying to the health of Europeans. Chiefly owing to the supplies of " wild " rubber which are: still available, comparatively little has been done until recently in establishing plantations either in Africa or in tropical America, but in Asia, including Ceylon, India and Malaya, in which. South America, the West Indies, tropical Africa and Southern Asia are the homes of the various members, but the plants have been introduced with success into other lands, as is well indicated by the fact that although no species of Gossypium is native to the United States of America, that country now produces over twothirds of the world's supply of cotton. Typhlosaurus and Feylinia in tropical Africa and Madagascar. The other products of these warm valleys are excellent coffee, cocoa, sugar, tropical fruits of all kinds, and gold in abundance. This first or cold stage of the paroxysm varies much in length; in temperate climates it lasts from one to two hours, while in tropical and subtropical countries it may be shortened. On the westward slopes, especially of the Selkirks and Coast Ranges, vegetation is almost tropical in its density and luxuriance, the giant cedar and the Douglas fir sometimes having diameters of 10 ft. In the north tropical belt of high pressure south of the Azores the atmospheric pressure in January is o 87 in. The tropical heat and humidity of Cuba make possible a flora of splendid richness. For the present the connivance of the senate at his coup d'etat of Nivose led to the deportation of one hundred and thirty Jacobins; some were interned in the islands of the Bay of Biscay, while fifty were sent to the tropical colonies of France, whence few of them ever returned. Solar radiation warms the tropical more than the polar waters, but, assuming equal salinity, this cause would not account for a difference of level of more than 20 ft. The Passalidae are a tropical family of beetles generally considered to be intermediate between stag-beetles and chafers, the enlarged segments of the feeler being capable of close approximation. (carefully, gently) " I usually tend to stay quiet at big gatherings. 1 people chose this as the best definition of tropical: The definition of tropica... See the dictionary meaning, pronunciation, and sentence examples. Mackerel are found in almost all tropical and temperate seas, with the exception of the Atlantic shores of temperate South America. 14 sentence examples: 1. Over shallows even the water of the tropical oceans is always green. Community, in biology, an interacting group of various species in a common location. Sentence pairs containing tropical translated in English and Spanish. In hot dry districts such as Arabia and north-east tropical Africa, genera have been developed with a low, much-branched, dense, shrubby habit, with small hairy leaves and very small flowers. 1 decade ago. give me a sentence of tropical zone? 1 Answer. This variety surrounds the tropical parts of the continental shelves of South America, South Africa and eastern China. The genus Gossypium includes herbs and shrubs, which have been cultivated from time immemorial, and are now found widely distributed throughout the tropical and subtropical regions of both hemispheres. The products are so diversified that, with the exception of some tropical fruits of California and Florida, almost everything cultivated in the United States can be produced. The temperature in summer is tropical, but after noon falls about to F. above sea-level, and in the midst of rich plantations and luxuriant tropical vegetation. The denuded mountain slopes and plateaus of southern Mexico are due to the prehistoric inhabitants who cleared away the tropical forest for their Indian corn fields, and then left them to the erosive action of the tropical rains and subsequent occupation by coarse grasses. 2, Located in tropical zone, it is temperate in climate, and the view is delightful in all seasons, so Havana is known as "Jewel of the Caribbean". In short, we have a somewhat heterogeneous assemblage of tropical, temperate and alpine plants, as has been already briefly indicated, of which, however, the tropical are so far dominant as to give their character to the flora viewed as a whole. Corythophanes and Laemanctus, with only a few species, are rare inhabitants of the tropical forests of Central America and Mexico. Ask your question. In the British colonies of tropical and of South Africa' surveys for the most part are carried on actively. Sugar, rice, indigo and tropical fruits are the chief products of the fertile district in which the town lies; it is widely known for its fish-ponds and its excellent fish, and its principal manufactures are jusi, pina, ilang ilang perfume and sugar. It was very early cultivated in India, in some parts of which country, as in tropical Australia, it is, as we have seen, indigenous. In all about a dozen genera, with some 60, mostly tropical species. The Royal Botanical Gardens at Pamplemousses, which date from the French occupation of the island, contain a rich collection of tropical and extra-tropical species. Indian agriculture combines the harvests of the tropical and temperate zones. In the agricultural regions sugar, cotton, tobacco, cacao, coffee, mandioca and tropical fruits are produced. Of the great inland region, which includes the arid campos of the north, the partially-wooded plateaus of Minas Geraes, Goyaz and Matto Grosso, the temperate highlands of the south, and the tropical lowlands of the Paraguay basin, no adequate description can be given without taking each section in detail, which can be done to better advantage in describing the individual states. In tropical America the genus Elaps, which is both poisonous and warningly coloured, is a model for several innocuous snakes. Its great elevation causes the climate to be rather arctic than tropical, so that there is no gradual blending of the climates and physical conditions of India and Tibet, such as would tend to promote intercourse between the inhabitants of these neighbouring regions; on the contrary, there are sharp lines of demarcation, in a mountain barrier which is scalable at only a few points, and in the social aspects and conditions of life on either side. The tongue is bifid at the tip in a few genera; usually it is pointed and varies greatly in length, being comparatively short in Andrena, long in the humble-bees(Bombus), and longest in Euglossa, a tropical American genus of solitary bees. Taking a low average of 4%, the annual loss due to the pest is estimated at about 1 - 2,500,000, and it occupies second place amongst the serious cotton pests of the U.S.A. cit. 208. They contain a few genera chiefly old world tropical and subtropical. The majority of snakes are active during the day, their energy increasing with the increasing temperature; whilst some delight in the moist sweltering heat of dense tropical vegetation, others expose themselves to the fiercest rays of the midday sun. See also Lady Lugard, A Tropical Dependency (London, 1905); Boyd Alexander, From the Niger to the Nile (London, 1907); C. Larymore, A Resident's Wife in Nigeria (London, 1908); the annual Reports on Southern and Northern Nigeria issued by the Colonial Office; E. The okapi (Ocapia), which is also African but restricted to the tropical forest-region, in place of being an inhabitant of more or less open country, represents a second genus, characterized by the shorter neck and limbs, the totally different type of colouring, and the restriction of the horns to the male sex, in which they form a pair on the forehead; these horns being more compressed than FIG.

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