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We offer Free Nationwide Delivery. It currently has conifer hedging running down both sides which I would much prefer to be replaced with a mixed native hedgerow. Mixed Native Wildlife hedging 45 plants for 5 metres / 16Ft. Even if you only have a relatively small garden a native hedge can look very attractive, especially if … They provide a rich habitat for many wild creatures which are beneficial. Gloucestershire based Mount Pleasant Trees provide young bare-rooted trees for hedging, shelterbelts, screening and woodland planting.These are fresh, carefully grown and handled trees with strong roots and great growth potential at competitive prices. Bareroot plants. HedgingPlants.com stock a wide variety of native hedgerow mixes, which enable you to bring a mix of some of the most attractive hedging available into your garden. Known for afordability with great coverage beautiful flowers and berries from a mix of speices. Native Hedging; Natural Hedging Mixes. They will give you a mix similar to the ancient hedgerows of the United Kingdom and supply food and shelter for wildlife. Native hedging is a broad term, loosely used to describe hedging plants that are native to the UK. Firstly, they often provide excellent intruder proof hedging with spikey and impenetrable foliage.Secondly, these hedges look wonderful and create interesting backdrops for your wider garden. Custom grown 1m length hedge troughs of evergreen, deciduous and mixed native hedging. At Hedging.ie, We provide Top Quality garden hedges & garden trees. Our Hawthorn Native Mix creates a typical local authority look that was once found in many council hedges across the country. These mixed hedging bundles contain plants commonly found in the UK for anyone who wants a traditional hedge. ScotPlants Direct offers a selection of fast growing Bare Root Hedging which include native, traditional hedgerow plants. Our high quality native hedging packs are ideal for hedgerows and the mix includes Hawthorn, Field Maple, Hazel, Dogrose and Dogwood. Plus they enjoy being planted in either full sun and partial shade. Mixed native hedge packs are brilliant for a number of reasons. Troughs. Our bare root hedge plant mixes make planting a hedge affordable. Hedging Plants Direct, leading UK suppliers of quality Garden Hedges & Plants. It consists primarily of Hawthorn (50%), with 10% each of Bird Cherry, Field Maple, Dog Rose, Hazel and Blackthorn. Plant 3 per metre for single row hedge or 5-7 for double row or more dense barrier hedge. Click here - How to Plant a Hedge Mixed Native Hedging. This mixed native hedging provides a variety of interest throughout the year, as well as food and shelter for wildlife. Our Mixed Native Hedging Packs. We have a dog so we're going to need to run fence panels along the boundaries to ensure he can't get in to the neighbours' gardens, but we'll have plenty of hedgehog/wildlife gaps in the gravel boards. Mixed Native Hedge Plants and Hedging both Field Grown Bare Root Stock and Container Grown Specimens. They are mostly strong transplants ideal for easy establishment in harsh conditions. Where to Plant. The products supplied in the mixes are 2 year whips which are between 45 and 90 cm tall. Growers of Native Hedging Plants for Landscape Contractors, Garden Centres, Farms, Estates, and the Local Authority. Or try a web search; there are a number of companies that provide native hedging plants in mixed bundles by mail order. Pack of 25 plants. Many have been destroyed in recent years to … The individual species are also 2 year whips 45 to 90 cm tall. Country Mixed Hedging. The mixture consists of 6 each of the following: Viburnum opulus (Guelder Rose). Mixed Native Instant Hedging Description The hedging species that make up these mixed native instant hedging troughs are ideal for paddocks, fields and gardens, with no plants that are poisonous to livestock and a range of species that provide year round interest and a diverse habitat for wildlife. Evergreens, especially, are often sold as root-wrapped, where the roots are in a soil ball contained by a fabric casing. The Hazel will form a multi stemmed large shrub which can get to around 10 foot in height. Your Country Mixed Hedging will be made up of 50% Hawthorn as this serves as the backbone of a country hedge. Creamy-coloured flowers are followed by … Mixed native hedging is at the heart of our business. These UK grown, mixed native hedging plants have an especially low carbon footprint. Our mixed native coastal hedging packs are designed to withstand the harsher conditions when planting by the coast and our garden packs are suited for some cover in the winter months, making them the ideal combination of plants for gardens and other circumstances where some screening is required. Native Mixed Hedges. A good country hedge provides a wonderfully secure barrier and is excellent at supporting wildlife. (Scroll down for full details) If you'd like more information about Thornless Mixed Native Hedging just scroll to the bottom of the page. Superior native hedging mix The products supplied are 2 year whips which are between 45 and 90 cm tall. They can be planted during the winter months from November until late March or early April. You can buy our native hedging packs online or visit our nursery in Essex, UK. Native creatures show a preference for British native plants because they have evolved side by side for thousands of years. Mixed Native hedges create a natural look and contain a variety of colours and textures which provide a rich living collage for excellent seasonal interest from the early spring blossoms to fruits and berries in the autumn. The species included in our Mixed Native Packs have been selected to provide a long period of interest for humans (in flower, berries, leaf colour, leaf shape) as well as varying wildlife foods and shelter. It is the cheapest way to buy country hedging and it is approved for grant-aided planting. The main reason being to provide a better habitat for the wildlife. This mix creates an authentic looking dense hedge that looks good at any time of year. Delivery and availability is from Early December through until the middle of March . Fast Growing Native Hedging Packs - Bare Root. Britain’s most beautiful native shrub can also be grown into an informal fast growing hedge. Our Economy Native Mixed Hedging Pack consists of 50% Crataegus Monogyna (Hawthorn) and 10% of Prunus spinosa (Blackthorn), Corylus Avellana (Hazel), Euonymus Europaeus (Common Spindle), Acer Campestre (Field Maple) and Malus Sylvestris(Crab Apple) This hedging mix is made to reflect rural hedging. Mixed Native Hedging: Mixed native hedges are a common sight in the British countryside and are part of our rich heritage. Each bundle contains 12 Hawthorn 4 Field Maple 3 Hazel 3 Spindle and 3 Blackthorn. The mixed native hedging instant hedge range is 3 hawthorn and 2 other species in a metre long trough. Hedging mixes offer an economical way to plant large areas needing hedging, or adding to an existing mixed hedge. Call us today on 087 2630523 to find out more. However, pot-grown plants are equally suitable but cost a little more. This mixed hedge selection is made up of a number of bare root hedge species. Mixed Native Hedging Readybag Mix 1, has a mixture of Thorn, Hazel and Field Maple. Plants supplied 40-60cm tall, Bare root. With every order for hedging we will send a copy of some establishment and maintenance notes. Its dense habit and thorny growth give it excellent stock-proofing properties and a good site for birds looking for somewhere discreet to nest or roost. If you want a hedge with all year round visual interest and incredible wildlife value, take a look at our mixed native hedging. Why plant a native hedge? Wildlife Edible Hedging Mix contains 50 plants to be mixed for creating that wildlife bonanza hedge. Our Blackthorn based bare root mixed native hedge pack is the perfect hedging option for creating a beautiful mixed native hedge. You can order the same plants individually from their respective pages, but you will save money on the same size plants by buying the hedge pack. The troughs on averages contain 3 plants planted together to make a dense screen which can be implemented all year round. Bareroot Hedging plants are available in a range of sizes. These are bare rooted plants which can be planted from October until May and will be dispatched as soon as the weather turns cold and they become dormant.The dispatch date depends on the Autumn temperature and varies from year to year. Hawthorn (Crataegus monogyna) is a native hedging staple, often making up the bulk (50% or more) of a mixed hedge. Native Mixed Hedging. Our native hedging plants provide food and protection to a hidden world of creatures and wildlife and when planted as a creative mixture, produce an outstandingly beautiful hedge. Plant full sun to partial shade, well draining soil types. It has lovely long catkins in the late winter, early spring which are followed by Hazel Nuts in the Autumn which are a great food source for squirrels and mice. Native hedging plants to buy online. The plants will be delivered from mid November through to early March. Hedging plants are often supplied as bare-root specimens, which are usually inexpensive. This mixed native hedging pack is an economy bundle of 250 smaller plants, 40- 60-cms tall. A native hedge can either be single species or multi species. Mixed Native Hedging . This collection consists of 18 hedging plants that can be used in a mixed native hedgerow. We offer a convenient mixture of 2 to 3 year hedging plants 60-80cm or 90-120cm in height pre-packed in bundles of 25 plants. Mixed Native Hedging . Our Mixed native hedging packs are designed with your gardens needs in mind. Native Hedging. This is a mixed, native hedge which is often seen in rural areas or along country lanes. Home MIXED NATIVE Native Hedgerow Mixes Hedging Plants. The mix is made up of 6 native species that complement one another exceptionally well, all plants are approximately 60/80cm tall excluding roots. Single species native hedges tend to be used in more formal garden situations whereas mixed species native hedges tend to be used more in informal or farm hedge situations. Mixed Hedging Our mixed hedging contains bundles of bare root plants or instant hedging troughs which are great for attracting wildlife and will thrive in most soils and aspects. This Mixed Native Instant Hedge was used in two award-winning Gardens at Chelsea Flower Show 2017 and extensively at the Hampton Court Flower Shows in both 2018 and 2019. Mixed native hedges are a common sight in the British countryside and are part of our rich heritage. Whether in the countryside or even in suburban areas a mixed native hedge can prove a great investment aesthetically as well providing a haven for wild birds and insects. Native hedgerow mixes are suitable for all sites including exposed and windy sites and all soil types.

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