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Who will win the fight between Jaguar and Lioness? Faster (lions are the 2d faster big cat)…she can escape,Jaguar can not. Never mind, lion vs rhino. Again discount and underrating the lioness. Forum Posts. A jaguar is the apex predator. Our results are broadly consistent with t… 350lb lion vs 350lb Leopard = Leopard wins (Lion has the least cat characteristics and is a poor fighter over all, at equal weights the leopard will overpower the lion). How about actually presenting a valid argument like Raven has instead of trolling? Because that’s totally not true. Maybe they are conditioned through the… (some of … Rosettes Jaguars tend to have larger rosettes with spots in the middle; the leopard has plain rosettes with no central spot in the middle. A tiger literally killed a male lion with single paw swipe… Yes single paw swipe.. actually documented in spain a bengal tiger killed 100 lions in one on one pit fights,,, all are male African lions. the toughest, most competitive natural environment.. Africa.. How can you not get this? You might be right about the Lioness having more stamina, but it won’t be by a huge margin – all big cats have about the same levels of stamina. Jagu to strong. Well, the lioness died in a fast attack. dried-up shit-stained teat.. again! however, few studies exist, and, of ones that do, only figures upon average specimens are given. Suddenly, the Jaguar jumps several feet in the air and lands a solid bite on the Lioness’s skull, instantly killing her. In fact, I even provided a link proving that jaguars are capable of biting through the heaviest bones of a bull, but your fantasy notions prevent you from comprehending this basic fact and lead you to making ludicrous claims, like “that site is not scientific.”. It is often erroneously referred to as a leopon. It weighs TWICE AS MUCH. for brain tissue, or marrow from long slender limb bones.. What they do not do, & indeed cannot.. so forget your & with you posting as ‘Troll’, your posts are yes yes yes Jag big. Also, you mentioned that “No jaguar, tiger, nor grizzly bear either – could contend with a pride of lions, Albawaba. this is based upon years of research including tenure, infanticide, life span, mortality rates, etc. A “normal” forest jaguar would most likely lose to a lioness. I am aware that jaguars are still good fighters and all it’s just that lions have all the better stats except for biting which is greatly in favor of the jaguar the only way I see a jaguar winning is by getting a bite on the head or throat or under belly but it has to be a hard bite not a small bite but other than that the lion wins every time. wrong.. again.. i the rape the jamez mom lazt nite, If jaguars were the same size as lions/tigers, than that would be one animal nobody would wanna mess with…. The Lioness angrily roars at the Jaguar. lioness would kill any jaguar, dont even go there talking about africa male lion, lioness do hunt alone i have seen lone lioness kill huge zebra, buffalo, again jaguars cannot climb as good as efficient as leopards. Will you kindly make the argument of your own instead of ruining people’s day and scandalizing everyone with your foul mouth and rude behaviour. Jaguar: 1014N.. JaguarsAlawaysWinOrAtLeastThat'sHowItShouldBe,,,, Compare Bull vs. Bear in Face to Face Fight. they do of course.. prefer fresh-killed meat.. & leave the bone to scavengers.. Remember, they are the apex predator of the Amazon rainforest, known to kill caimans in ONE bite, while loins have to bite and claw their prey many times to get a better hold on their prey’s throat, only to lose it under the impassion of hyenas and crocodiles. Dead Jaguar in a matter of minutes at most. ‘stupid boy’ notions on the matter, is chew-grind bones \"What I've seen from tigers, they seem to be more aggressive; they go for the throat, go for the kill,\" Saffoe said. I couldn’t find examples of lion vs. jaguar because it was obviously unfair. They existed OVER 1,000 YEARS BEFORE EUROPEANS (Even counting the vikings) REACHED THE AMERICAS!!!! .....arane, tigers too, can weigh as little as 145 kg, and sometimes a bit less. So the bigger and stronger Jaguar will easily defeat a Lioness. Ask yourself why jaguars are the only big cats who bite through their prey’s skull…, Apey, Man vs Wild Male Pride lion, man punks out wild male lion and scares male lion lion is owned funny. A photograph of a leopard’s coat. & may be love at 1st bite, but could end in tears.. Just know that I am the real James W. The other guy is a troll. The Lioness might have longer legs, but the Jaguar will have stronger ones because it has more muscle mass. Jaguar is the versatile hunter than lioness. Jaguar is the world third largest cat after tiger in the first and lion in the second which can weigh up to 100 kg with the body length of 5 ft 6 inch including head. ..but if she has cubs to protect.. ..well, then its on.. There are many reports of fearless male Leopards destroying male Lions.So the bigger and stronger Jaguar will easily defeat a Lioness and has a 50/50 chance against a male Lion. Trollie dum-dum.. Now while there are some places where African lions average 400 lbs, there are also places where African lions average 300 lbs, and since they are all still the same subspecies of lions, you would have to consider the weight of the highest and lowest to determine a fair average. Check out Joubert’s studies on the lions of the Okavango delta.. It's a toss up. by crushing large bones – to consume them materially.. Hey Lames, Before I saw the video, you claimed that the lion “killed” the giraffe. (Truthfully they sleep, eat, and make sweet love probably more, but that doesn’t make my point less valid.) of the foulest dysentary – so common to your shithole.. Crude, ignorant coolie, & criminally dishonest liar I think everyones starting to come around to the fact a Jaguars a very dangerous cat, that even a cat with a 100 lb advantage will hold no strength or jaw power advantage. Jaguar would lose, and quickly. I like the trolling. How come lions and tigers are able to bite through their prey’s bone in half after killing it? As they wrote in the paper, "Panthera atrox differs from the lion, jaguar, and tiger in many osteometric skull variables, most often from the jaguar (21) and least often from the lion (16)." No match.. even for curvy-curved African female.. lion. This website uses cookies for functionality, analytics and advertising purposes as described in our,, 350lb tiger vs 350lb Jaguar = Jaguar wins (I love tigers more but i gotta be honest with the Jaguar at equal weights, it will most likely win). Just like the lion does to the leopard, the jaguar will harass a puma. The Jaguar growls back, warning her to leave. That youtube clip ypu linked – noted the the lion which the prime leopard had killed.. “10/10” ( 100%) apey – is just a useless troll.. i love when the my semen go into the wife vagina. Likely faster. I feel the Jaguar will go at the lion combatively, and per example if this fence wasn't here, I felt the Jaguar would have fought the lion back tatic, skull grab, with the intent to defeat his foe. Klendathu & Tigers can't. Fine, perhaps the lion MIGHT have been able to kill the mother giraffe. Size. As they wrote in the paper, "Panthera atrox differs from the lion, jaguar, and tiger in many osteometric skull variables, most often from the jaguar (21) and least often from the lion (16)." Iman. But did he? Jaguar loves water and can swim like tiger and can climb on a tree like a leopard. You truly are underestimating jaguars. likewise, a lion is more aggressive, and they have that protective mane of there`s. Male jaguar is very powerful than lioness he can kill the female lion easily and male lion and male jaguar fight jaguar can win because jaguar have much strength then lion but lion have only one advantage that is weight with that lion can win some times weight of male lion is: 225 kg male jaguar weight is: 220 more advantages is jaguar only. are also able to penetrate more deeply & damagingly.. Okavango lionesses outsize even the largest Pantanal jags, Smaller one should use much more power against a big cat and will be coz of this faster tired. Yeah, jaguar beats leopard, lioness and a 50-50 chance against male lion, but leopard is going to get his ass handed to him. Tigers rule the jungle. The Jaguar gets intimidated because he has never encountered a similar looking animal of similar size. Looks like Eaglesong banned you from posting, didn’t he, huh loser? no… no… no… Trolling along, again.. evidently you don’t read well.. FYI: A large male Pantanal Jaguar was 350 pounds! Lioness lacks in both these facts of Jaguar. (Not looking good for Jag!) I think. Confidently run towards a whole lion pride… They all will flee… any lion would get scared if it see a tiger for the first time… because of those stripes. Tiger also beat lion. Hunter Biden. are naturally available to the jaguar.. compared to lions.. No living jaguar can, or could.. kill a cape buffalo with a skull bite, I have added this later. Lions and tigers are among the most ferocious animals but there are important differences between them. Well, no duh, a pride of Lions would likely rip apart a lone Jaguar/Tiger/Grizzly bear. An animal that kills Giraffes and elephants. Rosettes Jaguars tend to have larger rosettes with spots in the middle; the leopard has plain rosettes with no central spot in the middle. Try some actual research studies.. jaguar 600 pounds. That brings me to my first point….ALL MALE LIONS DO IS FIGHT!!! falsely presenting yourself – as me.. Well, as dumb-as you are.. you’ve just Lioness may be intimidated by testosterone pheromone signal, google it. Therefore, it is important to explore the differences between jaguars and pumas in detail. Englese expressione, por favoure! Playing next. At first glance it’s almost impossible to tell the difference between leopard and jaguar spots. jagu to strong. who are hell-bent on destroying any rivals to their hunting grounds..”. So all you have proved is that you were bullshitting and that you are a fucking liar. Leopard. Lions are stronger than jaguars. ..the ‘fight’ might in fact become a ‘love’ session, if she is in season.. Male Jaguar vs Female Lion teamextrodinary15. Jaguar 4. You need to understand; Son of the Earth Spirit, who prowls. his masculine prominence to good effect against some lions… look you stupid boy.. you wanna start.. then cut your own shit.. There is an account of both a jag and lion on the web somewhere at a zoo or circus, where a jaguar had escaped from its cage and a had ended up in a lion’s cage. even if.. to you, it seems somehow ‘normal’! that she’d be crippled & brought down.. so she departed, Jaguar has the strong jaw built with larger canine teeth which helps him to kill its opponent or prey with a single bite. He himself didn’t present any facts to prove his point. Jaguar will win 70/100 in favour of the Jaguar. your lousy rep for dishonesty/scamming Tiger is bigger, agile, have sharpest strongest teeth and claws… intelligent(big brain// also hunting stratagies). & your bogus attempt at sly denials of Are you thinking through your ass leopards cant, even stand a hyena lot alone a lion. Therefore, these two animals would never meet. According to this page, the Jaguar is slower than the Lion but only a tiny bit slower. ..a major advantage of experience in regularly fighting his peers.. Among experts, "big cats" refers to those animals of the genus Panthera, where a genus is a group or category of organisms of similar characteristics that can contain one or more species..

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