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What's the difference? You also receive a three hand EQ to shape your tone with; there’s just enough power in the pre-amp to make a small difference in the tonal quality. Epiphone Limited Edition 1966 g-400 Pro Review. Taking his Ibanez Prestige S2170FW in hand, he sat right down and played through all of them without a break. Many Blues playing guitarists describe to be their dream guitar. Robert Johnson – "Cross Road Blues" There is not much known about the life of Robert Johnson while he was still alive, although the music he left us with has grown to mythic proportions. First, get your hands on what your hero plays. Set up with a set of Airline humbuckers that come with separate volume and tone controls knobs and a three-way pickup selector switch. However, the higher registry was playable and slim enough for my hands to feel comfortable. Another thing that would work is to record yourself and learn from the mistakes you make. The EVE Audio SC3070 monitors: 3-way, compact and affordable. Greatest Blues Songs Boogie Chillen The Birth of Boogie The seminal blues classic ‘Boogie Chillen’ began life in 1948, but like many early pillars of the blues world it was built on borrowed riffs, second-hand lyrics and decades of folk tradition. This model is designed to get you as close as possible to the posh USA-built PRS guitars without the high price tags. Launch price: £1,999/€2,099/$2,499 | Body: Mahogany with maple top | Neck: Mahogany | Scale: 24.75" | Fingerboard: Rosewood | Frets: 22 | Pickups: 2x Gibson Burstbucker humbuckers | Controls: 2x volume, 2x tone, three-way pickup selector toggle switch | Hardware: Nickel ABR-1 Tune-O-Matic bridge and aluminium stop tailpiece, vintage-style tuners with tulip buttons | Left-handed: N/A | Finish: Heritage Cherry Sunburst, Tobacco Burst, Gold Top. The neck features the supremely comfortable PRS ‘Wide Fat’ profile. It even comes with shiny stick on discs like Jimmy had when he played the Tele with The Yardbirds. If you’re interested in playing a Les Paul that is more updated, the Gibson Les Paul 2017 Standard has humbuckers that display a good amount of the vintage character that the Les Paul is known for but offers a bit more contemporary side. The unique sound of this guitar is aesthetically pleasing. Vintage icons, modern classics, wild cards, not to mention a Fender Telecaster that changed the world. There are several different tonal possibilities that you can choose from with the Strat; you can choose bright and bell-like sound on the bridge to thick and warm sound on the pickup. Humbucker equipped semi-hollow body guitar, The body is comprised of laminated maple with a tone woods. Figure in the chunky frets and dyed in the wool shredders might switch allegiance from pointy widdle machines to their first Les Paul. B.B. I’ve split this list up into two different sections: acoustic guitars for Blues and electric guitars for Blues. Known for his slide guitar (which is well prevalent in God Moves over the Water) and I guess you could say gospel-blues fusion style, Blind Willie Johnson, like many others of his era it seems, many stories exist but the truth of which are unverified.. While I wouldn’t compare this to a $3,000 acoustic-electric guitar, it does a really good job for its price range. Read the Gibson Les Paul Standard ‘50s review, The guitar that helped British blues climb the stairway to rock nirvana, Launch price: £2,349/€2,599/$2,499 | Body: 2-piece Ash | Neck: Maple | Scale: 25.5" | Fingerboard: Rosewood | Frets: 21 | Pickups: 2x Fender Jimmy Page Custom '59 Tele | Controls: Master Volume, master tone, three-way pickup selector blade switch | Hardware: Nickel/Chrome 3-saddle Telecaster bridge with threaded steel saddles, Pure Vintage Fender Deluxe tuners | Left-handed: N/A | Finish: White Blonde. By slowing and carefully adjusting the volume knob, you get a whole bunch of different sounds produced, without even having to touch the amp! The fingerboard is Rosewood. Besides that small little complaint, the guitar itself does a really great job staying in tune for long periods of time. For under $1,500 (For the latest prices and discounts, check here) you can purchase yourself a blues acoustic guitar that’s jam-packed with high-quality features. Not only is the Martin 000-15M one of the best and highest quality guitars on the market, but it also is priced at an incredible range. By Danny Trent Please refresh the page and try again. The latest Standard ‘50s ticks every box on that iconic spec sheet. The sound of the combo of the maple and the mahogany tonewoods provide the sound of the guitar with a mellow sound with a vigorous drive to it which comes from the mahogany. Tonally, the 59XT pumps out crystal clear blues, rock and surf tones, not a million miles away from a plump-sounding Telecaster. I feel like a tool answering my own question, but I will have to go with Jimi Hendrix. While playing the American Strat, I’ve found that I can really be aggressive when bending my strings and I find that they stay in tune, after I’ve put them through some abuse. Whatever guitar you decide to purchase for yourself, don’t forget that playing blues is all about a player’s emotion and feeling. There are a lot of Blues elements that can be found in different types of music, like pop, jazz, rock, and even heavy metal. it’s an extremely versatile guitar that can be used in just about any genre of music. MusicRadar is part of Future plc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. A true inspiration. The body is this guitar is not a ¾ body, but it is compact. This is a professional quality guitar for under $500 (For the latest prices and discounts, check here), which makes the overall quality and performance of this guitar amazing! As for the Studio guitar, Gibson installed their signature Tune-O-Matic bridge, along with a pick guard, set of tuning pegs, and a Graph Tech nut. This makes complete sense, considering that Blues has been around for more than 100 years! Most pickguards take away from the beauty of guitars, but the pickguard on this guitar is small enough to do the job and not take away from the beauty of the instrument. It captures an assortment of the bluesier offerings from soul, R&B and even rock. This acoustic-electric guitar sports a standard dreadnought body with a cutaway, ensuring that the body on this guitar is simple and not complex. Blues Guitar #10 – Ibanez John Scofield JSM20 Semi-Hollow Ibanez is a Japanese guitar brand based in Nagoya and imports a significant portion of guitars to the United States, and Europe. Some of the most famous Blues players have used the Fender American Special Stratocaster; Eric Clapton, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Jeff Beck, John Mayer, just to name a few. All of the hardware on the Custom 22 has been designed by PRS. Chicago Breakdown - Big Maceo 28. The entire body is made up from mahogany, and Rosewood bridge. Future Publishing Limited Quay House, The Ambury, Blues is a music genre that never really goes away. Tick! The guitarist was not only recordable, but revolutionary, lighting the fuse on the British blues boom, jostling with Jimi Hendrix as the era’s ultimate guitar hero and reaffirming his status as guitar legend ever since. Here you get a fat-sounding twin lipstick tube bridge humbucker paired with a big retro style neck single coil. These are the best electric guitars to buy right now, For those about to rock... try the best rock guitars for every budget, These are the best budget signature guitars right now, Explore the best Fender Telecasters you can buy, Want a Strat? However, as the name suggests he was blind. If you’re looking for a Blues guitar that’s a bit on the wild side, the Airline Bighorn Red is the perfect unconventional guitar for you. These are the best Stratocasters for every budget, Need an amplifier? Articulation and groove come through when playing, with an equal mix of both. You get a whole lotta righteous tones, killer playability... and the chance to look as cool as Mr Page. However, you should know that PRS is a company that’s well known for creating modern day guitars with a different edge on them. In a hurry? In the middle of the guitar’s body, there is a wooden black that runs through, but the rest of the body is chambered; having a block in the body but having the rest of the body chambered really allows the guitar to resonate. Well, Fender Stratocasters and Telecasters have a tightly defined 'twang' in the bottom strings. This guitar is more powerful than a typical Blues guitar because the Les Paul comes loaded with a set of humbucker pickups which happens to be more powerful than a set of single coils. Mahogany is a tonewood, which ensures that the guitar produces an incredible sound that has powerful qualities to it. Any feature like this is a rock'n'roll bunfight, and we've inevitably included musicians some readers would never have chosen, and ignored others they believe worthy of a place near the top. On the other hand, if you’re looking to spend even less money on your guitar, both the Gibson Les Paul Studio and the Gibson Les Paul Faded make great options for a Blues guitar, but cost a lot less money. Electric Guitars. As for the neck, it’s a maple neck that’s produced from a single piece that has 21 medium jumbo frets, a set of black dot inlays, and a maple fingerboard. He may have passed away in 1990 but SRV's single coil pickup-fuelled hot Strat sound is still as popular as it gets in contemporary electric blues. So, without further ado, we present the best blues guitarists in the world today, according to you... 1. Our writing team has deep experience in the musical space, specifically with guitars and “other lutes”. Rolling Stone Send a Tip Master 100 Classic Blues Guitar Licks & Learn the Language of the 20 Greatest Blues Guitar Players. Robert Johnson - King of the Delta Blues Singers When it comes to the best blues guitars, some swear by Fenders, while others consider the Les Paul Standard the cream of the crop. This guitar provided me a balanced tone, quality projection, and a great amount of warmth to balance the color. This guitar also comes with a maple fingerboard as well as trapezoid fret inlays. Featuring an alder body, the neck of the Stratocaster is the typical 9.5-inch radius with a satin finish. Some of the most famous Blues players have used it. As for the neck on the G9200, it is a bit large on the lower register, but is trim on the higher registry; as someone with small hands, I felt like the lower registry was harder to play. This guitar provided me a balanced tone, quality projection, and a great amount of warmth to balance the color. King’s show at the Regal Theater in Chicago from November 21, 1964. The three vintage-voiced single coil pickups transport you back to the ‘70s like an episode of Life On Mars. Blues Boys Tune - B.B. Further Reading: Learn more about the difference between the Fender Stratocaster vs Telecaster. Learn more about us and how we approach our editorial reviews. He played slide on it with a rusty bolt. Justinguitar's Top 10 Greatest Blues Guitar Albums. But, for under $2,000 (For the latest prices and discounts, check here), this guitar really is a lot of fun! Read the Epiphone Les Paul Standard PlusTop Pro review. The second approach is to explore a bunch of guitars to find out what you like. And that’s a wrap! Shares (Image credit: Future) Guitarist Konrad Kania decided to share his picks for the 100 greatest guitar riffs of all time. Guild Newark St Collection S-200 T-Bird, Fender Vintera '70s Stratocaster Maple Fingerboard, We check over 130 million products every day for the best prices, Buyers' guides to all the best music gear, Our pick of the best electric guitars for jazz, Need an all-rounder? Finding the perfect guitar for your needs is never an easy task, let alone finding the perfect guitar to play Blues on. There is also a three-way pickup selector installed, that allow you to have additional control over the tonal quality of the guitar. On the other hand, if you’re looking to play an acoustic guitar, you’re going to want to look for a guitar with: No matter what type of instrument you end up purchasing, you’re going to want your guitar to be reliable, durable, and the best bang for your buck. Now that we understand some of the aspects that make a guitar great for playing Blues, here are our top Nine choices for Blues guitars. The new Jimmy Page Mirror Telecaster replicates that iconic machine. Which guitar is the best to use for Blues? Maple neck and fingerboard. ), difference between the Fender Stratocaster vs Telecaster, Guide to the Best Semi-Hollow Body Guitars. The basic sound that the Custom 22 produces is well known in the world of Jazz guitar and Blues; it’s a natural sound that is impressionable to an assortment of effects and changes in tone. Fear not. Gretsch G5655TG Electromatic Center Block Jr, 8. No matter what you exact musical taste is, or what your genre performance desires are, this is a guitar that will suit your needs and desires. There are some sharp edges, minor buzzing issues, and minor tuning issues, but the guitar is still certainly quality enough for a professional to perform live with. Blues music is no different. So, yes, this Gretsch can handle different shades of blues... Read the Gretsch G5655TG Electromatic Center Block Jr review, Probably the most affordable blues rock icon you'll ever play, Launch price: £649/€706/$789 | Body: composite over a plywood frame | Neck: maple | Scale: 25" | Fingerboard: rosewood | Frets: 21 | Pickups: Twin Lipstick humbucker (bridge), Mosrite style single coil (neck) | Controls: 2x stacked volume and tone, three-way pickup selector toggle switch | Hardware: Nickel Wilkinson vibrato, vintage Kluson style tuners | Left-handed: N/A | Finish: Silver, Dark Burgundy, Dark Aqua, Black. Fender chose a reasonable onboard active preamp and tuner, which all comes with the Fishman Isys III. Learn soulful guitar chords with just a few two-note shapes. Actually, Gretsch gear can handle blues as well as anything else with six strings. For the Fender Stratocaster, there are three single coil pickups with five different configuration options. The sound isn’t as clean as other electric guitars in the Blues genre. This fretboard also has classic white dot markers and 22 frets. The reboot has all the tone and sustain of its ancestor. So let’s get down to business and look at: the greatest blues concerts ever! There's the usual exceptional sustain on tap, and the beefier ‘50s neck is a joy to play. That's what they were originally designed for. Just make sure the 70s Stratocaster we've fallen in lust with gets some attention. In order to properly take on playing the Blues genre, you’ve got to understand and master a few concepts such as evoking emotion, technique, feel; even if you understand these concepts, you need a blues guitar to perform these concepts on in order to achieve the desired effect.

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