examples of jargon in education

On this page. BOSTES – Board of Studies, Teaching and Educational Standards. Arts Integration. Medical jargon – I need a script in order to pick up the medicine. ... Extracurricular – additional programs that do not relate directly to the content of a syllabus, for example, public speaking competitions, student newspapers, environmental clubs and so on. VET – vocational education and training. The funding a school receives from the department – a needs-based model is used to determine the amount. A teen talking about "making dough" is an example of slang. These occupational or work-related courses are available for students in Years 9 to 12. ( Log Out /  K - The elemental … (Equivalent for prescription .) For decades a small group of economists known as Fed-watchers, pored over the statements made by the Federal Reserve, looking for indications of changes in Federal Reserve policy. Business writing is notorious for jargon. ( Log Out /  Secret Teacher: jargon is ruining our children's education Ugly words – such as learning objectives, non-negotiables and targets – are meaningless … Feel free to suggest more terms for this list: I hope it continues to grow. SEIP – Student Engagement and Interagency Partnerships. Shop Amazon - Introducing Education Supplies for Teachers. – EDFN 351 Portfolio, Demystifying Education Jargon, For Teachers | Shady Oak Primary School, What's "Rigor"? Mathematics - is often shortened to 'maths'. Principal – the most senior executive in a school. Knockouts – competitive school team-based sports competitions. The Department of Education and schools regularly use these acronyms. Contact your principal for information about the availability of before and after-school care. A learning and support teacher helps students with disability or additional learning and support needs. We acknowledge the homelands of all Aboriginal people and pay our respect to Country. This involves mathematical knowledge and understanding, problem-solving and literacy skills. The increase in learning that occurs during a course, program, or undergraduate education. HT - a head teacher is an executive position in a high school. Command terms for writing essays and other questions. Formal applications must be made for disability provisions in NAPLAN tests and HSC exams and may include adjustments such as test papers printed on a specific colour, use of assistive technologies, separate supervision, time for breaks and so on. NPO - A patient should not take anything by mouth, from the Latin phrase nil per os (nothing by mouth) 6. Meta-aesthetics tip: If a theoretical aesthetician […] Universities generally offer positions to students based on their ATAR. Shop Amazon - Best Selling Products - Updated Every Hour. In primary school it is combined with a study of technology. Senior college – school for students in Years 11 and 12 and sometimes Year 10. There are so many methods and acronyms in the teaching profession, teachers seem to need a whole slew of alphabet soup to describe their jobs. What are the most significant professional responsibilities for teachers? It is learning how to working mathematically, studying number and algebra, measurement and geometry, statistics and probability. In other words, the adult handles the harder parts temporarily, while allowing the child to try out the easier parts,” according to Guided Instruction by Douglas Fisher and Nancy Frey. Please wait while page index is generated, AECG – Aboriginal Education Consultative GroupExternal link, ACLO – Aboriginal community liaison officer, ADHD – attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Reports – schools provide information about student learning in each subject twice a year. They practise and improve the specific industry skills to achieve competencies assessed by teachers. Merit pay — (see VAM). Literacy - the ability to read, write and understand information across all subject areas. Cross curricular – programs or units of work using knowledge and skills from more than one syllabus, taught in an integrated way. Earlier this year, when we set about to demystify some of the worst business jargon at the World Economic Forum in Davos, we could not have imagined it would hit so many of our readers' raw nerves. OOSH – out of school hours. Industry. This is a pretty funny education jargon generator to mess with. RFF – relief from face-to-face. Jargon is normally employed in a particular communicative context and may not be well understood outside that context. Examples: examining student final exams in a course to see if certain specific areas of the curriculum were understood less well than others; analyzing senior projects for the ability to integrate across disciplines. There are so many methods and acronyms in the teaching profession, teachers seem to need a whole slew of alphabet soup to describe their jobs. ( Log Out /  HSC - the Higher School CertificateExternal link is an internationally recognised qualification for students who have successfully completed secondary education in NSW. Learn more today. COGS – connected outcome groups. Students can start Kindergarten at the beginning of the school year if they turn 5 on or before 31 July that year. Help Disclaimer: I do not necessarily endorse or promote or disapprove any of these techniques or terms. A compulsory subject in high school, primary schools may also offer a study of language. Talented students are markedly above average in one or more fields of human performance. Research Glossary. Disability provisions – reasonable adjustments to help students with additional learning and support needs (including disability) participate in education on the same basis as students without disability. Asks students to explain a particular situation or a particular outcome. Teachers use this time for planning, marking, reporting, attending meetings, organising educational resources and other tasks related to their work. Kindergarten – the first formal year of schooling in NSW. KLAs incorporate syllabuses which teachers use to program their teaching and learning. A record of a child’s school achievement if they leave school prior to obtaining their HSC. They also monitor teacher accreditation, school registration and home schooling. ICT – information and communication technologies. 1. Agonal - Term to signify a major, negative change in a patient's condition 2. The adult running alongside the bike serves as another. Education jargon. Module - part of a course, such as a topic studied. OC – opportunity class. .Here are examples of sentences containing misleading jargon (in italics). There is even a book that addresses this problem, Why Business People Sound like Idiots.

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