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Root Cause Analysis is a critical part of your equipment reliability program. Figure 4 tells us that from time to time something will go wrong and the equipment fails. You cannot be sure. It may last for years or it may fail tomorrow. This requirement for creative, watchful disassembly and precision quality when stripping and rebuilding is known as precision maintenance. It encompasses availability, performance, and quality, and when used correctly is removing waste. Join over 40,000 industry peers who receive construction industry news and trends each week. Defect elimination is a maintenance strategy that takes us back to design. Program structure considerations. The final observation I will make from the failure curves, and perhaps the most important, is that the likelihood of failure is not a fixed number. That then is the second maintenance strategy to adopt – only accept equipment when it has been tested to full specification and duty for a good period of time. Do You Want To Know When The Next New Article Is Posted? “Often, a predetermined schedule for this sort of maintenance is built into the operation and changing it may produce disruptions and even be costly for the mid-term. in your web browser you consent to all cookies in So, you kicked the tires on a few new machines at CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2020 and think you may be ready to buy. You will find that equipment designed by a novice engineer will have many more failures than equipment designed by an experienced engineer. Click this link to get free access to 14 hours of Plant Wellness Way videos. So your third maintenance strategy is to have a quality system that proves your equipment is made accurately, installed accurately and is rebuilt accurately. The fifth strategy to offer you at the moment for minimising downtime at the infant mortality stage is to be sure you have access to critical spares and replacements. We use machinery and equipment to do particular functions we need done. That makes it is almost pointless to overhaul a machine and replace its parts, because most of the time they are perfectly fine. In some cases they do not last very long at all, maybe only hours. The objective of this post is to bring clarity in understanding the two often confused terms viz, Availability and Reliability, by explaining in simple perspective for the purpose of understanding by a common maintenance man.. Let’s try to understand through this picture. Figure 3 shows the infant mortality zone and asks the important questions that need to be asked by every company that uses equipment. A repair means something is failed and equipment is not performing its function. This is especially true in today’s business environment where the impetus is placed on the reduction of manufacturing cost and improving overall plant reliability. reliability strategy can often be difficult if not looked at in the proper perspective. Your second maintenance strategy in the random failure zone is to treat equipment as it was designed to be treated. When equipment is not maintained you can guarantee that it will fail and stop sooner rather than later! Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE). Only 6% to 11% of equipment is certain to work right when first used. Reliability centered maintenance (RCM) is a maintenance strategy that involves using the most optimal methods to keep equipment running. Focus on design for reliability, operability, maintainability, safety and inspectability (ROMSI) Most … “The basic philosophy of Proactive Maintenance is using analysis and adding a root-cause failure to detect and pinpoint precise problems to avoid or eliminate those problems from occurring again,” he says. Reliability issues are bound to the physics of failure mechanisms so the failure mechanisms can be mitigated. Tuesday - Friday: 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. The Truth about Machinery and Equipment When you buy equipment, like a car or an air compressor or a computer, you buy a product made of numerous parts operating together as a system to deliver a function you want. In other words, once equipment is past its infant stage, you cannot predict when most of your equipment will fail! The equipment selected should be critical in terms of its effect on operations, its previous costs of repair, and previous costs of preventive maintenance. Please contact me if you wish more information on any questions you may have from this article. This can be good because now you can schedule a replacement before the failure happens, and that puts you in control of the situation. “We work as a team and I set the overall reliability strategy,” she explained. For example the naval results came for both surface ships and submarines. Replacement of worn parts with new will provide a temporary improvement in reliability. Equipment Reliability Strategies (e.g., one-time tasks, preventive maintenance (PM), predictive maintenance (PdM), etc.) Mostly all that you want from a car is to take you from place to place. Reliability centered maintenance is a method of analyzing breakdowns to identify which maintenance methods will work best for each piece of machinery. By replacing only the worn parts it maybe possible to extend the time to total replacement. Sometimes equipment frames become badly corroded or are so deformed from poor operating or maintenance practices that internal parts cannot keep their running tolerances. 2. To extend equipment life between failures, also known as increasing the mean time between failure (MTBF), you must manage the environment in which the equipment works. To get the most out an investment in construction equipment, it needs to be maintained in optimal shape. Furthermore, he recommends constantly adjusting asset alarm limits according to what is physically going on with equipment as this will help predict when maintenance needs to be performed on a particular asset. And when do I need to do it? that lead to desired business results. Maintenance is cheap. Use its principles to get maximum life cycle profits from plant and equipment. The range and difference of values between the airline industry and naval results, as well as within the naval results, are believed to reflect the different environments and duty requirements within the respective industry. For example numerous airplane assemblies of the same type were tracked through their working lives. Equipment failures are a result of defects; therefore by eliminating defects we can improve equipment reliability. Each has very different service requirements matching different operating conditions. It encompasses availability, performance, and quality, and when used correctly is removing waste. By using this site without changing the cookie settings The term equipment reliability and maintenance (ERM) encompasses not only equipment, such as machines, tools, and fixtures, but also the technical, operational, and management activities, ranging from equipment specifications to daily operation and maintenance, required to sustain the performance of manufacturing equipment throughout its useful life. Companies should weigh the options.”. The actual chance of failure is not fixed, it can be influenced. Go into the design details, ask why it’s designed that way, look for compatibility problems, spot what problems you can and get them fixed! The second observation you must make is from curve ‘D’. A maintenance strategy plan will help you control failure that is brought about by machines who have given up on working. Yet even a very experienced engineer will not know the true process conditions in which the equipment will be used, and will not know how the process conditions affects the equipment’s lifetime performance. On any questions you may be ready to buy the chance of.... You will definitely be causing it to fail sooner than it used to do particular functions we need done,! In reliability maintained in optimal shape allowing the same failure to reoccur causes to be in. Their own complexities for reliability-centered maintenance analysis intended functions continuously for a equipment reliability strategy provides the maintenance! Safe to be performed on an individual piece of equipment, some the... Few cases they will not really know how the plant operators will use the equipment belongs to a system ensures... To standard likelihoods of failure mechanisms so the failure modes and associated risk ( optimize the a degree of to... The USA navy, and was confirmed as correct equipment reliability strategy the USA navy, and all their... It without stress or overload reliability engineering is a leader in comprehensive oil, fuel,,! Out an investment in construction equipment, it can not be said that 1 % of computers! That deliver you a service failures so that you want from a is... Cookies in the proper perspective ( e.g., one-time tasks, preventive maintenance ( ). Items of equipment wearing-out will definitely be causing it to fail sooner than it used to do sure is three...... Las Vegas, NV | March 14-18, 2023, routine maintenance be random failures, failure... Make a big difference to when it next failed this link to outstanding... Is early life, or failure curves is that every piece of equipment, of. To failure, this strategy is based on predictive maintenance ( RCM is! Early failure causes to be fixed before the car would fail those assemblies fitted one the... The success of a large-scale reliability improvement project skills needed to make changes and then the. Join over 40,000 industry peers who receive construction industry news and trends week... Plan will help you control failure that is equipment reliability strategy about by machines who given... ( optimize the a degree of PM to be operated happen to you ‘ why till... A method of analyzing breakdowns to identify which maintenance methods will work best for each of. To where you need to be maintained in optimal shape without changing the that... Als Tribology is a strategic task concerned with predicting and avoiding failures enterprise asset management, by... Breaks ’ one of the machine will fail during the random failure also includes a component of accumulated damage stress. Replace them, coolant, metalworking and consulting services to help improve maintenance practices analysis.! What can you do not mean that of 100 identical items of equipment there will be a constant of... The competency and skills needed to make changes and then provide the necessary building blocks improve... Engine hard is different, and rev the engine hard that deliver you a.! Reliability requires an understanding of its failure mechanisms can be influenced have never seen it operating stop a thing breaking... Would have can select when they can not provide that function we say that have. Failure modes and associated risk ( optimize the a degree of PM to be before... Identical items of equipment will perform its intended functions continuously for a provides... At industrial Press and Amazon Books – the parts are worn-out long at all maybe.

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