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Allure of … 78868119 + Phonetic name. "Deep Sea Diva" appears as a character in Yu-Gi-Oh! The Deep Sea Divas Two piece band from Riverside, CA touring & promoting their debut album all around Los Angeles, CA. Cybernetic Rebellion Box. Diva do Mar Profundo + Primary type. View All Versions Number: RGBT-EN035 Rarity: Rare Attribute Monster Type/Card Type: Water Sea Serpent/Tuner Monster A / D: 200 / 400 Description: When this card is Normal Summoned, you can Special Summon 1 Level 3 or lower Sea Serpent-Type monster from your Deck. Duel Links is a game developed by Konami, available to Mobile and PC on Android, iOS and Windows, distributed with Play/App … Deep Sea Diva . Albums de St Germain Tourist (2001) Clip vidéo [vidéo] St Germain - Real Blues (2015) sur YouTube modifier St Germain est le quatrième album jazz - afro - deep house - French touch de St Germain , paru en 2015 chez Warner Music Group . This card can be used to Special Summon ". Players may customise the Vocaloid characters in a variety of costumes (Modules) and accessories as to how they appear in a song's promotional video (PV) while playing its rhythm game. Yu-Gi-Oh! IST Rubber Rocket Scuba Diver Fins, Military Special Ops Gear, Deep Sea Diving Heavy Duty Equipment. How To Obtain. Deep Sea Diva + Atlanteans + Territory of the Sharks+ the 2 Shark Xyz from the box+ Graydle monsters are required for it though. Similar to Deep Sea Diva these monsters are all one card Synchro Plays. Put it in your Deck alongside Sea Serpent-Type monsters to Synchro Summon Level 3 - 5 Synchro Monsters! Basically Delinquent Duo on a 2800ATK body. 이 카드가 일반 소환에 성공했을 때, 덱에서 레벨 3 이하의 해룡족 몬스터 1장을 특수 소환할 수 있다. Effect types Trigger; Status: Unlimited . Released on July 11, 2019. Raging Battle. with our limited edition, value-priced holiday gift sets. Check out our deep sea diva selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our shops. It took a while for Sea Serpent decks to reach a real competitive status, as they didn't receive a lot of support cards until the release of the Raging Battle set. Searchable with Dragoons. Register Start a Wiki. Pojo Veteran . Playing style [] Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Password: 78868119. Types: Sea Serpent / Tuner / Effect. Dysfunctional Family 2. They require the player to spend VP which can be earned by clearing rhythm game charts (alternatively, players may purchase the Unlock Key from the Nintendo Shop to instantly unlock all Modules in the game). SyncroX2 04-05-2009, 04:06 PM #3: SmallPickled. So, the turn 1 combo is Abyssalacia equipped with Mizuchi (searched by Megalo); True King of All Calamities or Bahamut Shark + Toadally Awesome. Tiny Hands 6. View All Versions. Shop Luxe Gifts @devacurl . Attribute: WATER. Tides 8. FREE Shipping by Amazon. Card Tips:Deep Sea Diva - Yu-Gi-Oh! Yu-Gi-Oh! My Mommy Doesn't Love Me 5. Status: 700 - Registered Serial Number Cuando esta carta es Invocada de Modo Normal: puedes Invocar de Modo Especial, desde tu Deck, 1 monstruo de Tipo Serpiente Marina de Nivel 3 o menor. Card type: Monster. However, Deep Sea Diva stands out because of her ability to Special Summon from the deck, giving her more options on what she summons and less setup required. Niveau 3 depuis votre Deck. There are no decks on the Tier List that currently use this card. Deep Sea Diva. The inserted card was not found. Nous utilisons des cookies et des outils similaires pour faciliter vos achats, fournir nos services, pour comprendre comment les clients utilisent nos services afin de pouvoir apporter des améliorations, et pour présenter des annonces. Deep Sea Diva is a Tuner that summons another level 1-3 Sea Serpent creature to the field. Redeem Now Time to Shine. Finally, with the help of Lappis Dragon and Crystron Halqifibrax, the combo potential through Link and Synchro monsters allows for even more search power in addition to negations to stop whatever your opponent happens to topdeck after ending with a depleted hand. Searchable by Dragoons. Add new page. Might seem hard to summon at first, but the deck can easily place 5 Waters in the grave. When this card is Normal Summoned: You can Special Summon 1 Level 3 or lower Sea Serpent monster from your Deck. share your curl journey with #devacurl . White Aura Dolphin When this monster is destroyed by your opponent and sent to the Graveyard, you can banish another WATER monster from your … Unlimited . Jouez à Deep Sea Dive, le jeu en ligne gratuit sur ! Achetez Deep-Sea Diva: Livraison & retours gratuits possibles (voir conditions) Level: 2. Merman 9. Get it as soon as Tue, Dec 8. Normal diva, ss Neptabyss, the Atlantean Prince. "Tatsunoko" and the monster searched by "Neptabyss" must be used as Synchro Material, fulfilling the Condition to Special Summmon "Moulinglacia". Shop Holiday Kits dry like a deva . ATK / DEF: 200 / 400. Series ; Booster Pack Rainbow; Structure Decks. I Hear Dolphins 7. - Normal Summon Deep Sea Diva and Special Summon Neptabyss, the Atlantean Prince. Community content is available under. ATK/ 200 DEF/ 400. 5D's World Championship 2010: Reverse of Arcadia and in Yu-Gi-Oh! The Deep Sea Divas, released 26 May 2017 1. Shinkai no Dīva + Portuguese database ID. + Portuguese name . Would an OCG player be so kind as to explain why this card is splashed in OCG syncro decks? I'm thinking it's for combos with Mind Control and Tragoedia, but that seems rather situational. Not only will that enable him to create a Level 8 Synchro Monster by Tuning Malicious to one of his Divas, he’ll still have a “Deep Sea Diva” on the field too! Yu-Gi-Oh! Today, instead of writing out every Mermail combo that comes from Deep Sea Diva's move to three, I'm exploring a trio of different decks that get a major boost from the card - at least, if you're bold enough to try out Deep Sea Diva in other strategies! Limited time offer! Wiki. Find great deals on eBay for deep sea diva and deep sea diva dusa. Lorsque cette carte est Invoquée Normalement : vous pouvez Invoquer Spécialement 1 monstre Serpent de Mer de max. Shop with confidence. Deep-Sea Diva. Summon Diiva special summon another. Dragoons triggers, add Lappis Dragon, ss Lappis. Only one Mermail monster snuck into any of the below combos, but that one made it on a technicality. Then he can Summon “Deep Sea Diva” from his hand and recruit another Diva from his Deck. ①:このカードが召喚に成功した時に発動できる。デッキからレベル3以下の海竜族モンスター1体を特殊召喚する。. Deep Sea Diva A Tuner monster that can Special Summon 1 Level 3 or lower Sea Serpent-Type monster from your Deck when Normal Summoned! Quando este card for Invocado por Invocação-Normal: você pode Invocar por Invocação-Especial 1 monstro do Tipo Serpente Marinha de Nível 3 ou menos do seu Deck. Our much-loved DevaDryer and DevaFuser is now specially priced for gift-giving at $99 — $159 value. Even with his copies of Malicious used up, Graham’s Deck doesn’t run out of ways to make use of the Diva. Deep Sea Diva. Deep Sea Diva. Prince eff to send Dragoons, add Dragoons. Raging Battle. Profitez des meilleurs jeux similaires à Deep Sea Dive. Games Movies TV Video. DEEP SEA DIVA - Trademark Details. Posts: 2,952 iTrader: 0. *Disclosure: Some of the links above are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, Fandom will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase. Wikis. Quando questa carta viene Evocata Normalmente: puoi Evocare Specialmente 1 mostro di Tipo Serpente Marino di Livello 3 o inferiore dal tuo Deck. Infantry's effects weren't made with the rank 4 pool in mind.---Basic combos---Normal summon Deep Sea Diva > Infantry > n°37 (offensive and defensive WoD, detaching Infantry pops a face-up card, floats into any monster) Graydle Slime > Silent Angler from … Players may use Hairstyle Customisation which they can further customise their character by changing their character's … Wiki - It's time to Duel! Wenn diese Karte als Normalbeschwörung beschworen wird: Du kannst 1 Monster vom Typ Seeschlange der Stufe 3 oder niedriger als Spezialbeschwörung von deinem Deck beschwören. You'll send Atlantean Dragoons to the graveyard and search another Dragoons, netting a Mermail Abyssmegalo - Link Deep Sea Diva and Mermail Abyssteus into Crystron Halqifibrax and Special Summon Jet … One of the easiest ways to Summon a Rank 2 Xyz Monster is with Deep Sea Diva. 119,577 Pages. Quando este card for Invocado por Invocação-Normal: você pode Invocar por Invocação-Especial 1 monstro do Tipo Serpente Marinha de Nível 3 ou menos do seu Deck. Booster Packs. Cliquez maintenant pour jouer à Deep Sea Dive. 5D's World Championship 2011: Over the Nexus. Explore Wikis; Community Central; Start a Wiki; Search This wiki This wiki All wikis | Sign In Don't have an account? This page was last edited on 17 November 2020, at 05:46. 04-05-2009, 01:58 AM #2: Rauzes. Deep Sea Diva + Page type. Attribute: WATER | Level: 2 [ Sea Serpent / Tuner] When this card is Normal Summoned: You can Special Summon 1 Level 3 or lower Sea Serpent monster from your Deck. This card and "Neptabyss" must be used to Synchro Summon "Tatsunoko". Deep Sea Diva. Catfish 4. You can even use its effect to Special Summon a second Deep Sea Diva! I play 3 called by the grave just because this deck is weak to ash on Deep Sea Diva. 8,187 + Portuguese lore. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. The effect of "Dragoons" must be used to search "Moulinglacia". They are tuners that Special Summon a non-Tuner to your field for an easy Synchro Summon., If using this card to Special Summon "Neptabyss", it is also possible to set up the Special Summon of ", The effect of "Neptabyss" must be used to search any monster, provided ". Card page + Passcode. Usage Statistics . While other Halqifibrax combo variants may just loop around your field for an absurd number of negations, this deck goes … Your main combo card, more will be explained in the Combos Section. Piranha 3. Deep Sea Diva is a Level 2 Sea-Serpent Tuner that lets you Special Summon another Sea-Serpent from your Deck when it’s Summoned. Here's the combo with Deep Sea Minstrel+Atlantean Dragoons/Deep Sea Diva: Use Minstrel eff to discard itself and Dragoons to ban 1 card from your oppo hand, Dragoons triggers, add Diva. Japanese 深 ( しん ) 海 ( かい ) のディーヴァ Base 深海のディーヴァ Kana しんかいのディーヴァ Rōmaji Shinkai no Dīva. 3 Deep Sea Diva. Best Seller in Diving Boots. Adds back most of your monsters, works really well with Abyssmegalo. r/DuelLinks: Yu-Gi-Oh! Salvage. Il intègre les deux singles Real Blues et Sittin' Here . $76.45 $ 76. Jeu Deep sea dive - Jouer dès maintenant et gratuitement à ce jeu ! Includes No-Poo and One Condition Original and Deep Sea Repair mask. 4.6 out of 5 stars 279. Deep Sea is a series introduced in Raging Battle, with more members in Eternity Code.. All members are WATER Sea Serpent monsters, and their effects support WATER monsters in general. Le Royaume de l’Empereur des Mers Deck de Structure, Regno dell’Imperatore del Mare Structure Deck, El Reino del Emperador de los Mares Baraja de Estructura. Achetez Deep-Sea Diva: Livraison & retours gratuits possibles (voir conditions) Choisir vos préférences en matière de cookies. Join Date: Aug 2008. Red Fish The Deep Sea Divas are a two piece band out of Riverside, CA consisted of Bass & Drums. Moulinglacia the Elemental Lord. 45.

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