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You can add a taste of Argentina to your projects by using Montserrat right within Easil – it’s in our font selector waiting to go, and also available via Google Fonts. Are you feeling inspired by all the fonts and the font pairing suggestions and examples? Created by James Grieshaber, this display typeface font is available in both Easil and Google Fonts. Flavours is a decorative, fun, handwritten novelty font. Droid Serif is a contemporary serif typeface family, suitable for headings and display, from Steve Matteson. Veerle Pieters is a talented graphic designer and author who knows a thing or two about picking the right typeface. From the team at Astigmatic, you can find “Just Another Hand” in Easil in our font selector, or access it any time for free in Google Fonts. A font that is super versatile and achieves impact in both it’s regular and bold forms. Created by Latino Type, this friendly font is great for display work. Archivo Narrow font is a san serif typeface available in Bold, Regular and Italic weights. Find it in Easil and Google Fonts. Perfectly pairs with:  Codystar and Lobster. Handpainted script font Southamton font features sexy curves and elegant lines. You can start using it now in Easil or download the font from Google Fonts. Perfect Font Pairing: Josefin Slab and Open Sans Condensed. Created by Astigmatic, you can start the party with Spicy Rice in Easil or find it in Google Fonts. Grand Hotel is an Easil font, ready to add style to any project – or you can find it for free in Google Fonts, Gravitas One is a heavy, fat face font, channelling the heavy advertising type that was prominent during the industrial revolution in England. You can download her free Adobe XD design file and font pack and explore first-hand how these techniques manifest in her design process, then leverage her beautiful designs in your own work. Need a spooktacular font perfect for Halloween and all of your other spin-chilling project needs? Create with this free font template in Easil. Cedarville Cursive is available now in Easil or you can download it from Google Fonts. Available on Easil or Google Fonts. League Script is a modern script font that is inspired by handwritten letters (and love notes!). Bree Serif is a relatively new font, originally released in 2008. Her work has appeared in Outside, The Surfer's Journal, Jezebel, and more. Patua One is a Slab serif text type (with thick, curved serifs) designed for use in small sizes and designed to generate visual impact. Designed for Scholars by David Perry, Cardo is a gothic-style scholarly font with distinguished shapes and lines. Perfect Font Pairing: Raleway Extra Bold and Roboto. Download your copy of Luna from DaFont. Architectually classic Dorsa is great for headings and display, brought to you from Santiago Orozco. An example of this would be pairing a bold and regular version of a font. With it’s inline detail and heavy shadow, we’re leaving it for large – stand out – menu headings, and on our poster creations. Fun fact:  It was actually inspired by the flowing script produced by a sign painter’s camel hair brush! Available on Easil or Google Fonts. It’s elegant and works perfectly for understated easy reading. 100% Free For Commercial Use. Created by Julieta Ulanovsky, the goal was to rescue what is “Montserrat and set it free, under a free, libre and open source lience. The wide space between letters also makes it easy to read. Tell us what your biggest challenge is when choosing fonts for your projects! It’s created by Omnibus-Type. Perfectly pairs with: Open Sans and Dosis. Heading: Bree Serif. Free. Designed by Eduardo Tunni, Graduate is an Easil font, ready to go in Easil – or you can find it for free in Google Fonts. Created by Indian Type Foundry, you can find it included in our font selector in Easil or free in Google Fonts. Perfect Font Pairing: Merriweather and Ubuntu. Steve Matteson, Type Director of Ascender Corp – but a sans serif condensed version of the typeface. Especially if your project deserves a brush script font that has it’s roots in true penmanship. Just like Montserrat, this version of the font (also a sans-serif typeface) is also about the old posters and signs of the traditional Montserrat neighbourhood in Buenos Aires. Created by Astigmatic, you can find Smokum in Easil and Google Fonts. It’s a handy resource for finding the best Google Font pairs. Perfectly pairs with: Open Sans and Arvo. Flip and scale your logos and designs, pair bold and nimble fonts, and see letters as images. Find it in Easil in our font selector, or find it for free in Google Fonts, Vampira is a low contrast script font. Notica is a contemporary, humanist slab serif typeface. El Messiri can be found in the Easil font selector and in Google Fonts. her font selections will always auto load, What Is Color Theory? Lato is a popular favourite in Easil and also can be found in Google Fonts. Perfectly pairs with: Roberto and Open Sans. Designed by Huerta Tipográfica, Gochi Hand can be used right inside Easil, or you can find it for free in Google Fonts. Think, Create with this free font template in Easil, HOW TO CREATE A KICK-ASS MEDIA KIT (+FREE TEMPLATES), 73 Best Free Fonts to Create Stunning Designs, How to Use the Perfect LinkedIn Image Size for Social Networking. And a dose of inked-up grunge! Get it wrong and you have something that just isn’t easy to rest your eyes upon. (….judging by the fonts so far, we have to ask:  is there anything Roboto doesn’t pair with?). Perfect Font Pairing: Source Sans Pro and Roboto. Bree Serif This font is a close relative to the Bree font, but the difference is that this font features an upright italic design. ... Museo Slab is a ridiculously good looking slab serif with a ton of heart and an endless amount of ways to pair it. Perfect Font Pairing: Montserrat and Lato. It’s strong, attention-grabbing and works well in large sizes. It’s useful for headings and shorter texts. Below are the most used Google Fonts on other hospital websites from all around the world. These highly skilled artisans dropped away with the advent of photo lettering (and later digital typography made it virtually extinct). Cookie is ready to add sweetness to your designs in Easil or available for free download in Google Fonts. Based on Russian sans serif types of the latter part of the 20th century (and developed for the Public Types of the Russian Federation) is a humanistic sans serif narrow font that’s great for all kinds of urban projects, business applications, signs and large screens.

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